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Moratorium On Medical Pot Shops In Salem Ends

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Oregon - Salem has decided to welcome medical marijuana dispensaries – as long as their operators pay a collection of new city fees. Salem City Council has agreed on city licensing fees for marijuana dispensaries. Setting the fees, which are far below what had initially been considered, completes a new set of city regulations.

The council vote on Monday was the final action needed to lift a moratorium that has prevented new cannabis businesses from opening in Salem. Eight dispensaries have operated under the moratorium rules, and several more are poised to open. The state regulates the dispensaries, but city officials have mandated additional local oversight, including inspections by city police.

Earlier this year, the city had considered local fees that would have cost medical marijuana dispensaries as much as $4,000 annually. The council later cut the proposed fees to $2,000, and on Monday decided to reduce them even further. Kacey Duncan, deputy city manager, said the new fees come to a grand total of $1,021 for a medical marijuana dispensary staffed by two people to open its doors. (Each employee is required to pass a criminal background check that requires a $160 per person, city fee.) In a medical marijuana dispensaries' second year of operation, a $481 "New License Fee" wouldn't be required. But an application processing fee of $220, plus a $160 per employee fee for criminal background checks, would still be needed. In six months, Salem City Council plans to review the fee schedule. The city fees are in addition to the $4000 a year fee the state charges the dispensaries.


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