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More Buckets! 1000W GWS


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so i am catching ya'll up a little late, but better than never.

ok, so over the last year i have lent a couple kiefed-out hands to a good friend(i'll let you figure out who), who just finished their most recent project. helping and learning every step of the way, now it's time for me to get some! we have gained a wealth of knowledge from these forums, thanks to Roseman and the Deep Water Culture, and have been fortunate enough to have learned an awesomely potent nute mix from another friend. anyways let me show you where i'm at...

i started with 10 Great White Shark clones(around 4/20) on 24 hours flouro light from a trusted line of ladies. my plan was to flower 6 and hold 4 back in veg in hopes of getting some type of perpetual setup in motion. well after transplanting the clones(which were in 1 inch rockwool cubes) to 4x4 rockwool, 3 of them slowed and never rooted through. 2 of them needed to be topped at about 2 inches(haha) in order to have a fighting chance. so i ended up with 7 little ladies who wanted to grow. on the 4th of may i transplanted 4inch rockwools to 5 gallon buckets with 6" net pot lids, hydroton, modified HF farm kits, and bubbles of course. by this time some yellowing of the leaves told me these ladies were ready for nutes so i kicked up to full nute strength(from half) for the buckets and put them under my 1000w on an 18/6 schedule:

crazy to think they were so little 2 months ago! so the 7th girl was an extra(she's hiding in this pic) so she never got a bucket, but we'll catch up with her later.. so i am bringing cold air in to cool my light(1000w superHPS, nextgen digital ballast) from a crawlspace underneath the room and sending it back through the floor out the side of our residence. doing it this way only forced us to cut one 6" hole, awesome! and the fan is in the crawlspace out of the room so it is very quiet.

with a constant drip on the cubes, roots show through the hydroton in about 2 days. at this point i raised the level of juice in the buckets to tease those roots and get them down into the res. they love that! roots hit water in a day or two and now the growth really starts to take off. here they are on 5/28 about three weeks later...

so if you check out the closest girl on the right, she is one that was topped as a clone. she was two fat little shrubs at this point. lucky7 is tucked in the middle there too.

now i'll have to jump ahead a little. i don't have too many pics from veg and these are only from my cell phone. but to catch up this should be enough! pretty low maintenance at this point. doing full res changes and cleaning weekly. replenishing every other day. humidity is rising along with the amount these ladies are drinking... so i planned to veg for a month or so but financial strain forced me to veg longer due to the expensive flower nutes and need for upgrades(carbon scrub exhaust, fresh air intake) to deal with humidity. so i was unable to start flowering until 6/24. this is where things start to get crazy. this is one month from the last pic..6/28 four days into flower on AN Bud Blood...

they're drinking a ton at this point and temps are hard to keep controlled with humidity getting so high, relatively. but these girls are huge.. here they are 2 days ago when i pulled them apart to do another full res change. one week of bud blood. now in their second week of AN Big Bud...

wow. so i just replenished today. going to take some more pics of my funny topped beast(i call her barbara) and her little sister who is still in a 4 inch cube! let me know what you think, and i will have more pics up soon!


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ok so here are some pics from today.

just got a co2 regulator and some tanks..

gonna set this up this week! stoked!

pretty fortunate to have good summer temps..

here is the runt who will live her whole life in a 4 inch cube.

due to her placement, she was forced to grow tall as you can tell and i just bottom trimmed her before flower.

her big sister barbara is a bodybuilder..

i've been worried about her since she was a baby. i'm definitely going to have to support her once she puts on some weight.

i will post more including some root porn later when i get a better camera and someone to hold one of these beasts up. they are 35" tall today! barbara and the little runt are about 2' tall.


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Damn my dude, absolutely breath taking. I'm definately subscribed to this one. I use GH right Now but these AN nutes have been popping up in everybody's grow, definately thinking about giving them a shot for my 2nd grow.


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thanks guys! grownavy the AN additives kill it! we don't use their main nute line but have had good results with all the supplements. sky rocket i don't like moving my plants too much because i don't want to stress them out and make them work more than they need to. i rotated them a few times to make sure the best tops were getting the most light and that the canopy would fill in. keep in mind that these are almost twice as big as i wanted them so i really could use another light right now, or a light mover! i wish they weren't so cramped... but i'll have lots of hash that's for sure.

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Is this grow still alive?
If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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