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More Cannabis Factories Uncovered

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Two more cannabis factories have been found in Daventry after a tip-off from a member of the public. Two properties in Jubilee Road were raided on Wednesday. Police found hydroponics equipment at one address, and cannabis plants at the other.

Electricity to the two properties was turned off and they were made secure.
Plants and equipment are being removed, although no arrests have been made. Four cannabis factories have been found in the town in the past fortnight.

Forensic investigators and specially-trained police officers are making further searches at the properties.

Det Insp Alan McSharry said: "The member of the public who gave us this information had seen the recent publicity about other cannabis factories and became suspicious about the two properties in Jubilee Road.

"Cannabis factories are becoming more widespread across the country and this is an issue for every community. "We are very grateful for the information we receive from members of the public."

Source: BBC NEWS
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