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More effective lighting combo, all reply’s welcome


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Looking for some help, which would be more effective in a 4x4 flower tent. Assuming temps will be manageable
A 320 watt hlg qb version 2 at 3000 kelvin paired with a 260 watt hlg qb also 3000 kelvin
The 320 watt qb paired with a 600 watt viparspectra and a G8 all red 90 watt booster

Let me hear ya, thanks


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I have around 600w of QBs in my 4x4

300w won't cover it near enough

Footprint of those bds is 2x4, so factor that in
I'm using LED as of now but it's what I can afford. I'm sure when I'm done the LED prices combined will probably be able to buy me a nice setup. Im just looking at reviews/ results more importantly to see if I wanna make the jump to a board or hps lights
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