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More on Amsterdam trip


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Here's a little more of my trip. It starts after I left my first coffee shop, finishes day one and day two of the trip. Enjoy!:28:

Out the door and on the street, turn left and start looking for a main drag to get me to Central Station. It seems much colder so I wrap my scarf around my neck & head...that's better. Oh, My God! Just look at everything! I'm as high as a Georgia pine! With a zillion lights twinkling all around the view is awesome.

Look, up ahead, a French fry stand, or pomp frits as the locals call them. All of a sudden I'm starving! So I stop and get an order with a spicy Mayo. They were very good. Golden, crisp and hot, everything a potato can aspire to being.

Another very cool coffee shop was the De Tweede Kamer. Not very far from my hotel and cute as hell! It was small and homey with a cool man behind the bar. After sitting for about half an hour talking , buzzing and drinking hot chocolate the barman intrudeced me to a fellow who was a well known photographer specializing in photographing Cannabis. We had a very nice talk about how to get the best results when photographing reefer.

Also I spoke to a couple of women from California. They were telling me about the weed situation there, that there was some totally kicking smoke. They also said things were pretty good so long as you showed some sense about it all. A great attitude, we could use it where I'm from.

At around 11:00 or so I came out of my party stop. It was a bright, clear cold night, the stars shining brightly. So I walked back to my hotel. There were still people out all over the street. I felt perfectly safe and had a fine walk back. At the hotel I opened the main door, locked it behind me and stumbled up those scary assed stairs into my warm room. I put on jammies, drank 3 glasses of water ( I was so dehydrated) laid down in my little bed and was dead to the world. What a day!

I pried open one dry eye, looked out and saw it was 8:30 and raining lightly outside, so my eye closed again. I cat napped until 9:00, forced my self up to the sound of my joints popping and crackling like a bowl of rice crispies on steroids. I'm just not used to walking that much in a day. Oh, and don't forget the 6 hr. time difference between the U. S. of A. and Amsterdam. Ah, the hell with it, get up, take a shower, look in the mirror, scream, get dressed and go downstairs to find some freekin' coffee.

Oh yeah, coffee, coffee, lots of coffee. Make it strong, black and sweet. Two small pots and a piece of pumpkin nut bread with fresh butter. All that helped immensely. Then I wend upstairs, laid back down fully dressed and napped on and off until 12:00. By then the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to peek out, yeah. So up and out into the day.

Now what? Oh yes, a buzz is calling my name. :smoke2: After looking at my cool new map, I decided to try and find the Betty Boop and also walk around a bit in the Dam Square area. Before I could find Betty Boop, I came upon the Home Grown Fantasy Gallery and stopped in to say howdy and see what was going down. Going in, I went up to the counter and bought some of their reefer. Then I went over to a table and rolled one up. While I was rolling I decided to try to remember to pick up a pipe later, but for now it's time to test this smoke. Pretty good, a tiny bit rough but still a fine smoke.

Two guys came over and asked if they could sit down. I knew that in Amsterdam table sharing is very common, so I said "sure, have a sit". One was from Amsterdam, the other from Paris. They spoke about how Paris and Amsterdam were both just all about the money and that it used not to be that way as much as it is now. They seemed to blame it on the Euro. It seems that the majority of the people in Amsterdam miss the days of the Guilder. A very interesting conversation. It's true, you meet so very many different kinds of folks here.

After enjoying a great starter buzz, I hit the door, turned right and true to the map reached the Betty Boop. But first, there's an Argentinean restaurant next door. It looks good too. A man in a white cooks outfit is motioning me over...I'm mesmerized, I'm hungry, I'm caught in his trap. Feed me someone!

The served me sweet beef spare ribs & crunch French fries. The portions were good and the price was also good. Then out one door and into the next, the Betty Boop. It's a nice enough place. I had a good visit there for about an hour.


There's so much to Amsterdam in such a small area. Every small street or alley way is studded with shops, stores and yes, coffee shops galore. I've already found that although I'm still amazed by everything, I'm getting over the information overload a bit. All those lovely little shops in narrow lanes. I couldn't resist. I did remember to buy a pipe.

I had a good conversation with a guy from the Greenhouse about smoke. He explained to me about the lineage and strains that the Greenhouse used. All the while enjoying their fine, fine reefer. I had never used a vaporizer before...is that sweet or what? I learned a good bit there. They were really nice people and good for a buzz every time I walked in the door, thank you.

The Greenhouse...what a cool place! They had an aquarium under the floor, everything was open and bright. Cousin I didn't hardly get I the door and up to the counter to order hot chocolate when an angel appeared with a full vaporizer and proceeded to blow me away. I've been welcomed to a club in a lot of ways in my day but never like this. Hot damn, Amsterdamaged once more.

Finally got my bud and hot chocolate and grabbed a seat. I looked up and there was my vaporizer angel again, intent on melting my brain out my ears and a good job he did too. After an excellent 2 hr. of party, talk, party and fun I floated out into the street in a cloud of joy. Never forget, I love you vaporizer angel.

With a long day behind me and a long one to come, I went back to my crash and did just that...crashed.



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great story Hestia. im enjoying reading about your trip. hoping to follow in your footsteps. well see you around.
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