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More or less a cardboard box!


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i was going to use a pc that i had gutted and framed etc, but somehow the power cord fried and now im using a box. bare with me here as i know this sounds incredibly dumb but its only temporary. i need to know what kind of ventilation i will need or will a simple oscillating fan be sufficient?


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if you plan on putting a box over your plants and fan inside of it, you should cut out an exhaust vent. I made something very similar not to long ago and is in the first couple post of my grow log.

And for future reference any air circulation needs fresh air coming in and the blown air needs to leave. Else your recycling used, warm, air..

The PC box maybe a good idea, I've never tried but could def work. Hell, If you know custom built PC's im sure you can rig up a PC water cooler on a drip and maybe even flood system.


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Cardboard is NOT waterproof. People have done it - but I would only even consider it as a last resort.

Look around at local yard sales, thrift stores, classifieds, and CraigsList (especially the Free section) to see what is available that would make a usable grow box. Remember, it doesn't have to look brand new - or even be 100% functional for the original purpose it was intended for.

I've seen refrigerators, file cabinets and other office cabinets, dressers and other clothes holders for $20 or even free for removal.

I've also seen leftovers from building sites or renovations that could be used to construct your own. Some of these get advertised, but simply stopping by the site and asking can be very rewarding. You might find leftover duct material, different types of insulation, or even some leftover white paint. Just remember to ASK before taking.


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Great idea with the cardboard box mate ! Its cheap and soo easy to make and hide. Just remember any water the drops out of you pots (Or flood tray) will most likely damage the box and heat is a MASSIVE problem so tread carefully! Im doing a grow in one at the moment if you need any ideas on does or don'ts, still ironing out the kinks but cardboard box growing could be the new stealth way !



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Cardboard also makes an excellent medium... for mold. Not the kind of environment I'd want to grow cannabis in. Especially if I was growing denser indica types.
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