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More Than $1 Million In Marijuana Plants Found In Nowata

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The marijuana operation was found at the end of Nowata County Road 420. Thousands of plants found in several different fields. Police say this was a well thought out operation, and found five people camping out there when the bust took place. All the suspects fled on foot, and are still on the loose.

Hands full of marijuana plants, Nowata County Sheriff's deputies and firefighters picked plants all day Sunday more than 32,000.

A tip came in last Sunday from turkey hunters about this marijuana harvest. Monday and Tuesday authorities spent searching for the spot, with no luck. Then yesterday the hunters and police found it.

"No amatuers here this a professional deal, this is a big time grow I mean this is serious business here," Nowata County Undersheriff Doug Sonenberg said.

Just like a bon fire except this one is to keep pot off the streets, all the found marijuana plants were burnt. Police say these pro's could have set up shop as early as the beginning of the year in these woods, and put in a lot of work.

" The marijuana needs the sunlight so they've cut trees out so they get the good sunlight on the plants. Their campsite there was two tents in there, six sleeping bags, we know there was at least five to six people here at all times," Sonenberg said.

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