More Than 50,000 Pot Plants Seized


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Members of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force and the California Department of Fish and Game assisted the United States Forest Service in eradicating 51,328 marijuana plants from the Upper Mill Creek drainage area Thursday.

The marijuana plants ranged in height from about 1/2 to 2 inches and were being grown on public National Forest Service land in northeastern Humboldt County, according to a news release.

Several campsites were also located, along with stockpiles of food, fertilizer, animal poison and ammunition.

Additionally, several thousand pounds of marijuana grow supplies and trash were removed from the grow sites, but due to the enormity of the operation, a large amount of trash was left on site.

Evidence located in the garden indicated a continual large-scale operation.

The investigation started on May 13 when wardens from the California Department of Fish and Game were conducting routine patrols for illegal hunting and saw a suspicious vehicle.

The vehicle's occupants fled on foot and a chase ensued. Suspects have been identified, although no arrests have been made.

According to the release, it appears the marijuana was being grown by a Mexican drug cartel that came into Humboldt County from out of the area.

The case remains under investigation.

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If the Mexican Cartels are growing marijuana in the United States region than that must mean Mexico is growing too much marijuana in Mexico. Hmmmmm.
That does relieve the kilo fee across the boarders, and the fees to pay the officials off.. What a novel concept.
With a fully legal cannabis / marijuana Taxed and regulated system it might be possible to help keep the national forests clear of the cartels and their massive growing operations. It would mean that they would legally buy land, and employ people to grow, harvest, and take to a state distribution facility, that would legally employ people to package and distribute to retail based operations, that would employ people to sell at retail locations to people who would pay for marijuana and, the state and federal governments would receive their respective tax revenues from this at all points of any operational function, legally
Canadians have been using their remote forests for years in cannabis cultivation, and are brining it across to the United States of America: Mexico for years has grown marijuana that has been brought to the United States of America for sale for many decades.

One thing for sure is that all 3 countries grow a lot of marijuana combined. The North American continent will someday be united to form a very powerful entity.
Soon and someday we all might witness a powerfull nation called:
The United States of Canexico
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