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Why dry with the roots though? I just hackem at the base and turned upside down. Trim some fan leaves and come back for a dry trim. What's the benefit of having roots attached during drying?
I was following another poster's approach @nickeluring whose consistent gardening results impressed me. Drying the whole plant helps it dry much more slowly which seem a good idea for me but with the roots on the plant doesn't expire immediately. I was happy with the results but as I said next time I'll endeavor to include the roots. Here is the quote from his posting...
If the plant isn't defoliated, remove some leaves if needed to dry without risk of getting mold.
Chop plant by the roots, keep tap root intact, and hang plant whole to dry. Light is good the first few days but no direct sunlight, then it should be dark.
Trim when dry.
This way dries the plant slower, and if you've got a good rH it'll be more or less cured once dried. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. The plant will be alive for the first few days, and if it gets some light the photosynthesis will still be working. This cures the plant.


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Emilya..would you like to share how you dry and cure? I beleive I am going for your drywall screw and darkness...getting close..milky but just one or two amber I saw...soo waiting patiently. Soo what about hanging with the root??
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