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Moriarty's Wierd Spliff Seeds Gold Line Power Plant Grow


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Hello all,

I brought back some seeds from Amsterdam about a year and a half ago, and now that I have some closet space to myself I figured I'd give it a go. I germinated two seeds, of which one took hold, the other grew with the seed on its head and when I tried to get it off, pop. Head came off too. I vegged my one plant for two months, and in that time took two clones off of her, rooted them in soil, and took three from those two. If you've done your math right, I got 6 plants from one good seed. All of my clones were sold, and the three oldest girls remain in the flower room. These three are big bonsai (lst), stretch (regular), and bush (fim).

This strain is typically defined as "easy" for growing, but I've had a number of trials and tribulations with it. This powerplant is very sensitive to fertilizer, the roots are sensitive as well to transplanting. I've still got some issues with the leaves burning/turning coppery. Anyways,

What strain: Spliff Seeds Gold Line Power Plant
What soil medium: a mix of FF garden soil and potting soil
What is the stuff on top of the soil: diatomaceous earth for fungus gnat infestation
Pots: Milk jug, 3L, 5L
Lights: vegged under 300w equivalent CFL, flowered under 600w hps
Ferts Veg: mix of FF grow big and seaweed extract, fertilome root stimulator
Ferts Flower: Jack's Classic big bloom, blackstrap molasses
Misc: Carbon filter, can fan, grow room 3X5ft

Days in veg:
big bonsai: 2 months
stretch: 3 weeks
bush: 6 weeks

Days in flower:
big bonsai: 51 days
stretch: 39 days
bush: 15 days

Here's big bonsai


Here's bush

Here's stretch

The fam


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So I chopped down big bonsai, which yielded dry about an OZ. Pretty happy with that for my first successful grow! This strain has an excellent and unassuming high. More than most strains, this Power Plant works well in spliffs. Besides that, it looks like Stretch is on the chopping block (see photos). the top cola is fox-tailing like mad right now, and had to be lightly supported this weekend. Bush got her arms broken when I super cropped the main branches, and everything is looking great.

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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