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Mosquito Dunks Dosage

Gummy Bear

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Got these nasty Fungus gnats. Looking for dosage amount on mosquito dunks for treatment.

About how much should be used in one gallon of water?

I guess they are supposed to be used outdoors in ponds and stuff, so I don't see a dosage for just a few plants.

Anyone used them? How much did you add to your water? Can they be safely combined with ferts?

Thanks for your thoughts!!! :peace:

Smokin Moose

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Fungus gnats thrive in overfertilized, over-watered grow mediums, especially those where organic fertilizer high in nitrogen has been used. Gnats can be killed by disturbing soil, heating soil, by predatory wasps, and by applying insecticidal soap, neem, rotenone, and garlic oil to gnat infestations.
I am unsure what dilution you are using for the mosquito pellets, but I would recommend you use an organic method, not a chemical one designed for another insect.


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You leave one dunk in your water pail, nute mix or resevoir. Its good for thirty days. You don't crumble it up. Just put it in a sock with a few rocks for weight and leave it in the water for 30 days. By then, all the adult gnats would have died off. Remember to remove dead leaves from top of soil. Its actually pretty safe stuff to use Moose. And you can only control over watering so much with hydro.
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