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Most potent strains available in seed!


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Looking for some Potent Photoperiod strains that's available in seed form from Seedbanks! Please do not reply if it's a "Clone Only" or "Autoflowering" strain! Thank You all for your reply! Happy and safe growing!


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The most potent strains available are generally C.Sativa Æ’. indica (indica) ones. Particularly Indica dominant strains from higher altitudes where the UV light is more intense. 28-30% THC is possible. Girl scout Cookies strain can get close to 28% THC mark in optimal conditions. Generally I've seen 22-26% more frequently via gas chromatography. highest I've ever tested was up to 27.8% from a "Blueberry Kush" Indica grown under supplemental shortwave UV mimicking those conditions found at higher altitudes in N.India/Nepal. There are also a small number of Sativa strains that can also have high THC levels as well and those orginal genetics are found in areas higher elevations in tropical/equatorial regions.

Emperor Cookie dough strain is the world record holder at 31.1% THC content. It is a indica x indica cross. Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Though I've personally never seen the strain, I heard it was lab tested using gas chromatography.


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Potency is a tricky thing. First you have to like the type of high. The strongest strain in the world is still crap if you don't like the high. The only land race that I have personally grow that can keep up with hybrids is Hindu Kush. Lots of super hybrids out there to choose from. It takes years to breed a stable strain. F-1 hybrids are easy to breed and tend to have great potency. Plus the hybrid vigor that comes with f-1s which can give good yields.
Once you have the genetics you still have to grow the plant well and cure it right. Lots of good choices that have the ability to be over 20%. Though I have had some 19% Dark Cherry Soda that I enjoyed more than the 20+ percent strains I had at the time.
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