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Motafina: Master Kush & Bubblegun, Indoor, Supersoil, 3rd Grow


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Ok, I'm off on my 3rd grow. My second grow worked out really well, so this one is going to be very similar. Here's the details:

What strain is it?

I'm starting out with two strains, Master Kush and Bubblegun, both from Spliff Seeds. These are regular phototropic seeds.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?

Master Kush = 80% Indica - cross of Hindu Kush x Trainwreck x Skunk #1
Bubblegun = 70% Sativa - cross of (Mexican x Columbian x Afghan) x AK47

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?


Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor tent (4x4)

Soil or Hydro?


If soil... what is in your mix?

This is a mixture of Coastal Maine potting soil, PROMix BP, and some used soil from the last grow. To these I added amendments to create a 'supersoil' mix and I have been composting the mixture for two months.

- Kelp meal
- gypsum
- rock phosphate
- bat guano
- blood meal
- bone meal
- garden lime (dolomite limestone)
- azomite
- earthworm castings

If soil... What size pot?

Final pot size will be 10-gal plastic


Seedling: 6500K 26w CFLs
Veg: 400w MH w CFLs
Flower: 1000w HPS w CFLs

Air circulation?

1 inline fan pushes fresh air into the tent + 1 inline fan pulls air out and sends it out a window. I have a carbon filter to eliminate odor during late flowering only.

Type and strength of ferts used?

My supersoil will be amended with Earth Juice dry fertilizer/mychorizae - this comes in 'grow' and 'bloom'. I'll add 'grow' to the first transplant, and 'bloom' to the second. That will get the plants most of the way through Veg. Then, I'll start adding Nectar For the Gods liquid nutrients towards the end of veg and throughout flower.

I started out five days ago with three seeds of each strain, germinating in paper towels. Only four seeds popped - all three of the bubblegun, but only one of the master kush. I went ahead and put them all into soil in pots, and so far the four that had germinated have sprouted. I'm hoping for the other two to pull through, but if they don't, I'll soak a couple more. I want to end up with two plants in flower in 10-gal pots. So since these are regular seeds, I need to put the odds in my favor of getting at least one female of each strain.

I'll add photos as soon as all the seedlings are properly sprouted. This should be a fairly straight-forward grow - nothing fancy but hopefully we'll see great results.


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I'm in for the win at the end....I'm also using NOTG nutrients but in some awful Scotts potting soil. Was going to buy their soil, and my supplier ran out. Still waiting for a call for when he receives his next shipment.



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I'll have to read through your past journals..... :nomo:

Good to have someone else using similar items on the forum. Going to mix up some old soil using the Oregon's Constant Gardener recipe from youtube (soil, worm castings, bokashi, activator, and one shot). It won't be ready till next grow though.


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Oh, and if you've never watched this video you may want to with NOTG nutrients

Youtube: shake it for a long, long, long time (user name- Oregon's Constant Gardener)

I watched that and couldn't believe it.


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Ok, I have to ask, NFTG is used for the abbreviation commonly?? I figured it would be NOTG.

Just asking.... I may be using an abbreviation of another product.


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The label reads "Nectar for the Gods". I used to think it was Nectar of the Gods, which you hear used more often.
Well....you know. You are correct. Funny, I've always thought it was Nectar of the Gods...

Ok, you had it right, and now I feel stupid.... :oops:


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There's still no movement at all on the two Master Kush seeds that failed to germinate in the paper towels. I decided to soak two more MK seeds this morning. And, just for fun and against better judgement, I'm soaking a few seeds my wife gave me. They're from a bag of Emerald Triangle outdoor-grown superweed that she had about a year ago. These will be backups and probably won't go into flower for fear of being hermies.

I'll take photos of the sprouts later today and post.


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Update - Day 6 from seed

Here are photos of the sprouts and my setup:

Here's the setup: These are ~4 inch pots filled with Coast of Maine potting soil under 4 x 26w 6500K CFLs.

This is Master Kush #1 - the first seed to germinate:

Next is Bubblegun #1. This one is unique. This is not something I've experienced before, although I've seen it in other folks' pictures. There's a third cotyledon and a third real leaf. Pretty awesome!

Bubblegun #2:

And Bubblegun #3:

Nothing to show from Master Kush #2 and #3, but hopefully they'll pop up soon. But if not, I've got two more seeds soaking. I would like to have six plants in veg to ensure that I get one female of each strain into flower. I'm legally restricted to two "mature" plants.


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I got another Master Kush seed germinated and put into soil. I should see it above ground in a couple of days. Overall germination success is:

Master kush: 2/5
Bubblegun: 3/3
Humboldt bagseed: 0/3

I'm really hoping at least one of the Master Kush is a lady! I've got five more MK seeds, but I'll just take my chances with two.


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Update - Day 11 from seed:

One of the Humboldt bagseeds germinated a day after my last post. So my current status is six seedlings. That's perfect and should put me in pretty good shape to end up with two females into flower.

I watered the four original seedlings with just a tiny bit of Earth Juice Rootsource added to the water. I watered from the bottom by placing the pots into a bowl of water. I've also been misting them at least once a day and keeping the surface moist. The pots were very light today, so they needed a drink.

Here's photos:

First, here's the two new seedlings - Master Kush #1 on the left and Humboldt Bagseed on the right:

Master Kush #1:

Bubblegun #1:

Bubblegun #2 - aka 'The Mutant':

Bubblegun #3:

And here's a shot of the current setup:

I'm running the lights 24/0. I just turned on the small black fan to get some air movement in there.

The seedlings are looking a little weak, but not too bad. Maybe the lights were too close. I put a little more soil into the top of the pots to give the stems a little support.

I'll probably run like this for 2-3 more weeks before topping, transplanting to 1-gallon pots, and introducing the MH light at 18/6. I might try cloning the tops so that I can sex them. I haven't tried cloning in about 15 years, so I'll have to try to remember how to do it.

The long-range plan is to up-pot to 3-gal pots, top them a 2nd time, then up-pot again to 10-gal pots. That should put me at about 7-8 weeks in veg and ready for flip. If cloning and sexing them works out, I could flip earlier. But if that doesn't work out, then the plan is to wait for pre-flowers.


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I've been knocked on my ass for a week with the flu....so just a quick update:

- switched from 24/0 schedule to 18/6
- began transplanting into 1-gal pots

I'll post a proper update soon with photos.

Yeah, the wife and I had the flu earlier this year. Thought we were both gonna die.

Get well, take care of your plants, and update when you get the time. :thumb:
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