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Mother and Daughter Caught Smoking

Jim Finnel

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A mother and daughter face drug charges after they were allegedly caught smoking marijuana Wednesday while awaiting the start of the opening of Bayfest.

Lambton OPP Const. Todd Monaghan said a marine officer had just docked a police boat at Sarnia Bay Marina in late afternoon when he spotted what looked like an excessive amount of smoke inside a car parked on Harbour Road.

The road is adjacent to Centennial Park, where Hedley and Nickleback were about to perform before 15,000 fans.

Police say the mother, in her 40s, and the daughter, in her 20s, were smoking pot while they awaited the start of the concert.

The officer seized 14 marijuana cigarettes.

The women, both from Belle River, were released pending a Sept. 10 court appearance in Sarnia.

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Thats too bad there fun day was cut short by yet another useless attempt to end drug use. The world is a much safer place today now that mother and daughter pot heads are off the street.......


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Now that's just too bad that they got caught. They are resonsible adults who were just enjoying some quality family time :smokin3:
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