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Mother Arrested After Daughter Smells Of Marijuana


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"We went inside and you could see the marijuana smoke it was so thick and you could smell it,"says Officer Johnny Miller, Gaffney Police Department.

That's what officers say they encountered when they went to the house of Jacinta Jenkins after they say her three year old showed up to school, S.C. School for the Deaf and Blind, smelling of marijuana.

"Me and my baby came in from school and guests in my house had been smoking marijuana and you could smell it,"says Jacinta Jenkins, Mother

After officers smelled the smoke they found several marijuana roaches in the house. Police arrested the mother 24 year old Jacinta Jenkins along with two realtives 21 year old John Jenkins Jr. and 21 year old Corbett Smith. All of them were charged with possession of marijuana. The three year old was placed in her grandmothers custody. Police say the fear the child is still not safe.

"In light of new evidence we don't feel like that's the safest place for her to be and we are trying to find the baby," says Miller.

When Fox Carolina went to check -- we found mother, grandmother, and child at home -- safe.

"Why do they want to paint my family to be such a terrible family? We are a loving family and I stand behind my kids though I don't condone that behavior," says Cheryl Jenkins.

While the family admits mistakes were made the mother says she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her child safe.

"I love my daughter this is a loving family and we take care of her. We are the only ones that know how to take care of her," says Jenkins, Mother.

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as a parent and smoker I see this from both sides. While I don't hide my cannabis use, I don't smoke in the same room as my kids. Especially if they are getting ready for school! The police are over reacting but the mother is a idiot too!

Jim Finnel

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i always waited until the kids left for school. ahhhh..... peace & quiet for a few hours. time for a nice buzz.

i remember one sept. my wife and i danced around in cicles chanting schoolss back, schools back, when the kids left for their first day back to school after summer vacation.


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There are too many ways to enjoy herb without filling the house up with smoke and sending your child to school reeking, IMO.

2 blunts up for that mama...to send your child to school reeking is irresponsible...i myself have a lil 6 yr old who lives in the crib w/ me and we smoke... but never does he go to school with any evidence of us doing our dirt...that lady crazy...but still...fucc the po's


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agree that mother needs to be more responsible. but the police are harsh on people. i agree with the post about, set up shop outside liquor stores and bust parents drinking and driving with their children in the car. thats a sad way to learn a harsh lesson about a child though. The next question is how fucking lame is that teacher, if she knows what pot smells like she A) either smokes B) has friends that do or C) smoked and now thinks it immorally wrong. Reminds me a majority of old people I know that are fully opposed to pot now, but when they were kids it was the thing to do. FUCKING HIPOCRITS and police don't even get me started with them. I have a friend who will be a policeman in about 2 months, has been hired an all. Previous methanphetamine user, a policeman...He said he will never write a citation for marijuana and if he does ...
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