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Does anyone else have a hard time watching a whole movie while stoned? Last night I tried to watch Pick of Destiny but I got side tracked on something else and stopped it about halfway through. And when I think about this, I've NEVER watched a whole movie while stoned. I dont know what happens at the end of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Clerks 2, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Pan's Labyrinth, and Im sure there are many more.


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Maybe cuz your too stoned to concentrate on the movie LOL it happends to me sometimes too


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If i get too stoned, i pass out and miss the last half,
but if i am with friends and getting high, way easier
to hold my concentration on a movie.

But yeah, if i think it is gonna be a bad movie, might
as well get stoned and watch it.

If it is a movie i am really interested in, i can't watch
it for the first time stoned, gotta be sober.

But yea, as someone already stated above, hard time
finding good movies to watch these days.
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