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Hey guys. Long time lurker, first post. I've had a couple successful grows in a small closet using a 400w hps/mh and I have decided to move up to a bigger tent setup. I'm looking at either the 4x4 DR120 from secret jarden or the 55"x55" from agromax. My plan is to use the small closet as the veg room with my 2' 4 bulb T5 lamp and maybe add a few supplemental CFLs. For the tent I was planning on using my 400 watt and either purchase another 600 watt HID or purchase two nice LED lights to suppliment my 400. So my questions is:

-what would be the better flower setup?

Two Separate HID lamps in a 4x4 tent, or one 400w hps accompanied by two high quality LED lamps. If LED, then what would you recommend? I've been looking at the 270 Watt blackdog micros. (Not afraid to spend good money for a quality product.)

Also, any reccomendations for my tent selection? I'm leaning towards the DR120 but like the idea of 7 extra inches in the agromax.

Thanks for you time. Looking forward to share my progress of future grows.


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I'm not a tent grower, so I'll leave that to those more experianced in that field.

As for the lighting, skip the black dogs all together. You can get 5 times the light for less price. Have a read over the link in my signature. It will give you a better idea of what lighting covers what area and what to look for. If you have any further questions after that, please feel free to ask.
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