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Moving plant inside?

The Prof

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I have a plant thats doing great after about 2 and a half weeks its up to 10 leaves but im worrying about people seeing it so I figured move it inside sooner than later..I already have an indoor setup working so how should I go about moving the plant and should I move it to a new pot or leave it in the one its in?? Get at me...Peace


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Re: Moving plant inside??

Is the plant in a pot outside or in the ground. What you will want to do is slowly introduce the plant to the new light. Like the first day take the plant from outside and put it under the light for 3 hours, then put it back outside...do this for a few days, then start moving it in for 6 hours for a few days...you get the picture. Once you get to when you would bring it inside for 12 hours then I would say it would be safe to leave it in the whole 18 if you are going to veg it. Hope this helps, grow mods let me know if I am wrong.
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