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Moving plant outdoors & reversing light cycle


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Hello budmasters! My first grow, in a 2x4x5 tent, with dark-heart clones. I purchased 4, thinking I would lose one in the process due to general incompetence. Although I had a runt early on, I've kept all 4 until now because they are still all healthy, but over-crowded. So I decided to take the runt out of the tent, which is starting to bud, but more slowly than the others. But I still want to see if I can get it to harvest, so I'm trying 1) reverse the light cycle and 2) Put it outside for the daylight hours.

My plan was to take it out at the end of a 12 hour light cycle in the tent and put it in a partially sunny spot to extend the light cycle by 2-3 hours, then darkness (in a semi-warm place) until the sun rises and back outside. Here's the particulars:

-Planted in a 7 gal fabric pot, 30 inches high, flower stage since Oct 9 (2 weeks). Yes, I know - smaller pots next time!
-2 300W LEDs and recently two 100W CFLs added. Tent has been in a garden shed, so cold has been a problem with the tent getting as low as 60. I've been making adjustments with a space heater outside the tent and adding CFLs inside , but the point is that the plant is kind of used to the cold because I don't run the space heater all the time. I run lights on from 10pm to 10am. Trying to get some heat from the lights when it's coldest.
- Northern Calif climate. Normally high 50s when the sun comes up, warming to low 70s by mid-day (for now). I can move to both sunny and shady spots throughout the day. At night, into a wardrobe box in the garden shed with some heat running to ward off the cold.
-I'm trying my ass off to make this a budget grow. We buy bud today and I'm doing this to save money, hopefully from the first grow - or at least break even. So suggestions for more equipment, etc don't help me. I'd rather lose this one than spend extra. Of course, I will be looking at my short tent and better lighting to help me with heat next time, but the runt has to survive on it's own. Cruel yes, but it's dog-eat-dog in the grow room!

Thanks in advance.
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I grow only autos, so I'm not a good source for info on photos. I will say that I would be careful about bringing outdoor plant and mixing with indoor. Your outside girls can, and often do, bring in bugs and other nasties.
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