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Moving to the States - MMJ related industries


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Hi there,

New here so please bear with me!

I don't know if this is a question which comes up a lot on here, but I hope to provide a little difference.

I am a 20-year old student 'on leave' who has smoked cannabis on and off for the past five+ years. I have all of my life suffered from "extremes of mood", greater than most, having three years ago been diagnosed as manic depressive, controlled with the use of medications and self-help therapy; the secret ingredient here being cannabis.

The problem is, I live in the UK where as you will know, MMJ is simply illegal! I therefore never know what I am getting and therefore if it's the right strain for me. Being passionate about marijuana, I know a hell of a lot about the stuff and even in the UK's black market have isolated roughly that sativas help and indicas don't, they merely sedate me, the last thing I need if/when feeling low! (I put it down to the THC levels, guessing that I'm needing more THC for its antidepressant effects?)

Anyway, this is a state of affairs I'm not too happy with. Coupled with a desire to go into business, but uncertain of in which area, I feel like I've (hopefully) put two and two together and have decided to enquire about moving to an MMJ state to work within the MMJ industry?

As I've stated above, it is a large passion of mine. Not enough time to go into it all but, to get the kind of relief I'm after whilst helping other sufferers to get the same level of relief from their pain, well, let's just say that aside from it being a dream, it sure as hell beats any design degree I might get offered this winter.

I was wondering, of the path of billions of obstacles I will face alongside pursuing this goal of setting up a dispensary, which are the major ones? Getting into the country with its Nixon-ite federal laws, firstly, with this goal in mind? Setting up? I have the funding, if that's a question. Or is it simply not a goal worth pursuing at all?

Many thanks in advance! Really appreciate it, even if it's all negative that I get back!


P.s. Even working as a bud tender would be brilliant for a while!
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