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Mpn blood cancer


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Hi. I really need help. I have jak2 et of borderline malignant blood cancer. I'm trying to fight this mutation in my bone marrow that now will not stop making blood. I did chemo pill 4 years ago, stabl8zed my count and was goid for 4 years. I been trying oil but counts seem to go up when I take co oil. High India. My platletes and blood counts are so unusually high my spleen is now enlarging. My blood is thick. Could have stroke or bleed out. They want me back on chemo pill, skin burning like on fire. I don't want more chemo. The cannabis helps break up platelettes but it it also raising them cause I read it actually higher platletes and blood counts. So am I making myself worst by taking oil ? Thanks so much. I need an answer soon as if this keeps up I will have a stroke, bp up spleen enlarged , still making blood. Bone marrow could collapse. I'm at a complete lost what to do. Any suggestions. I didn't get more oil cause I don't know what I am going to do. The chemo will suppress the bone marrow but it will also make me very I lll. Thanks.

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