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Tonight I took down the Superior Diesel. She lived for 67 days under 11/13 in her tiny pot.

This is how we harvest

First we put on the t-shirt


And gather the essentials


a couple of. pics before I get to work



Then I trim all the big leaves and any small ones without trichomes


Then I cut each branch and trim until I'm left with this..





Now it's time for a quick wash. Left pot contains lemon juice and baking powder in warm water. Right pot is just cold water.


Wash each branch/bud in the left pot first


And then in the right one


Now its time to hang around in my drying box


Put the box inside the grow box and pop a fan inside


A peek at the roots


And now I must sleep.


Gorgeous trichs on those swollen calyxes. She looks truly yummy!

Amadeus Forzin

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Morning noob. Here is some info on bud washing from the creator himself. The part in red is what sold it for me.
:thanks: for jumping in pinky

Quote Originally Posted by Doc Bud

I'm glad to see people are adopting my bud washing technique!

Yes, I "invented" it. I shared it with you folks here on 420....and nowhere else. I've never met, spoken to, or heard about anyone else doing it before I tried it.....and I enjoy freaking people out by putting fresh buds in a bucket of water....

But as many have said here, the results speak for themselves!

Let me put it to you like this:

Let's say I grew lettuce, cucumbers, tomatos and carrots in my basement. It's dusty down there, I've got fans flowing all around....battled with some PM, had some mites.....every now and then I get some rot or other disease on my plants....bugs flying around, dead skin cells, hair.....and I spray the plants with compost tea, fish fertilizer, kelp meal, etc.

So, you wanna come over for a salad? We'll just pull the veggies out of the ground, plop 'em in a bowl and start eating! No need to wash.....right?

The first time you wash your harvest and see all that brown crap left behind you'll begin to see the light! Then, when you smoke your first washed harvest, you'll understand.

For those who are new to this, here's my method:

4 buckets total. (5 gallon buckets are perfect) 3 buckets if no "Powder Mold" is found on the buds.

Bucket 1: 3 parts RO water to 1 part 3% H202. If there was PM.
Bucket 2: 5 gallons of RO with 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Lemon Juice
Buckets 3 and 4: RO only.

Cut down plants, pull off fan leaves by hand, remove any necrotic leaves. Leave sugar leaves and anything with frosting on the plant.

Fully submerge in bucket 1 (H2O2) for 30 seconds. Submerge for a full minute if you had ANY sign of PM or bud rot. Let water drip from buds and then.....

Fully submerge in buckets 2 through 4 for 30 seconds each...lightly agitating the whole time.

Allow produce to drip dry. You can blow a fan on it if you like, just make sure it's blowing clean air.

Hang and dry per usual.

Final manicure of buds is best done after they dry. It goes very fast and you're left with washed, highly resinous trim....makes superb joints. I'm also educating my customers to select untrimmed buds, which are actually better than the manicured ones because they still have sugar leaves attached. The trichomes in the leaves have more THC than those in the it's good to get the whole spectrum in there.

I give instructions for this in my journals, as I do it every single week, on every single harvest. Once you try it, you'll never go back.

This works so well for a couple reasons:

1. takes off dirt, foliar sprays, bugs, fiberglass dust, etc.
2. fully hydrates the leaves, allowing photosynthesis to occur for a day or two on cut and trimmed buds. I recommend leaving a light on the buds for the first day or two after washing.

This results in very, dense, clean burning, smooth tasting produce! That's the basic recipe....and I'm tweaking and changing it all the time.

Warning: Do NOT use an "organic produce wash" that is based on oils! They sell these in grocery stores and health food stores, and while they might be good for lettuce and cukes....the oil removes resin from the plants.....don't use it!

Water will not harm resin....oil can and does.

Anyone who wants to know more about my methods is welcome to ask me about them anytime!

Amadeus Forzin

Plant of the Month October 2016 & Member of the Month November 2015
late but congrats with harvest, :thumb:

Cheers buddy, new journal in sig below. This one's done now.

Cool method. I'll be doing this and comparing the smoke when it's H time. Don't wanna say the word until it's close haha

Do it, you won't be disappointed :48:

:ciao: :love::48:

:me sitting outside your house smokin' the bong on my lawn chair smiley:

Haha, I'm glad you put your clothes on this time. Good to see you buddy. :love:

^^kinda stalkerish^^:19::19:

everything looks great m8:thumb:


I was only thinking about you the other day, hadn't seen you for a while, where you bin bro? :48:

looks great:circle-of-love:

Thankyou Sara.

That's kinda my style! :high-five:



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:blunt: Morning Mr. Am4zing time to wake and bake:blunt:
Current outside temp is a mild 15* and rising, sun is shining, small surf to no waves today (good day for fishing), wind is blowing at a breezy 35km/h from that way, expect large clouds to be emanating from Spart's house he's got some beautiful west coast og nicely cured for a month and ready to be smoked. All and all it's a great day :thumb:


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Always great to see you Mr :) I didnt jnow washing the buds actually made them dry better :) I need to do that as well Best of buds an days mate:thumb:
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