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Plant of the Month: Feb 2015
Yeah, I have about a dozen or so plants with the OC+. I thought I'd give it a shot and see. If the buds taste good and burn well, I may switch. It is a lot cheaper than buying hydro nutes.

OC+ works really well. Combined with some 6-5-3 minerals and a bit of bloom organics like blood meal/bone meal, you got yourself a very good just add water soil mix. Add some tea or EM-1 and you are really rocking.


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I'm back! :439:

Took a little vacation from the site. Got too busy and a little too stoned for awhile there. Things are a bit more organized and efficient now which means I should have more time to start coming on here again.

I'll be concluding this journal and starting a new perpetual journal. For now I'm now longer running high brix and will mainly be running Subcool's super soil recipe. There's a few reasons for this decision. It has nothing to do with the quality of Doc's kit but more of a situational preference. I am still fascinated by the amazing results I got with the kit but overall I don't feel like I'm a good enough grower to get or even understand the best results. I had a lot of variances in consistency mainly due to errors on my own part. I struggled keeping my tents clean while using the foliar sprays and I also had issues keeping non high brix plants from getting sprayed as well. In the future I definitely plan giving this kit another shot but for now I'm going to give super soil a try.

I want to thank Doc and everyone for their help through this grow. I hope to hear from you in future jouranls.

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