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Welcome to the Factory Everyone! :tokin:

I would like to share my multi strain perpetual grow with you all. This is a setup I have been working on for a year and a half now. It started as a small 2x4x5 tent for my wife and I to grow our own medicine. Since then it's evolved into 3 tents and has become my greatest passion in life. I believe in being humble and freely admit that I am still a rookie trying to learn the ropes. I learn best by trying things on my own so naturally I make a ton of mistakes. Please feel free to ask any questions or give advice. I don't offend easily and I welcome different points of view.

My current setup includes:

4'x8'x7' Tent- 1 600 watt MH and 1 600 watt HPS, 6in inline fan/carbon scrubber
4'x4'x7' Tent - 1 600 watt HPS, 6in inline fan/carbon scrubber
2'x4'x5' Tent - 1 93x3 TopLED Reflector, 4in duct fan

4'x3'x6' Wire Rack - 5 4' T12 shop lights 6500k
36 Site KingCloner - 2 2' T12 6500k

Temps: 70 Night/ 80 Day
Humidity: 40-60%
Is it aircooled? Yes, 6in cooltubes
Soil or Hydro? Soil (Subcool's super soil, a few similiar recipes, and Fox Farm trio)
Waterings: Usually every 5 days
Pot size: 5 gal, 3 gal, or 1 gal ( 1 and 3 gal are used in a SOG system)
Pests? Fungus gnats and yellow sticky cards for days! lol
What strain is it? Agent O, Blue OG, Deep Purple, Cheese, Blue Blood, Blue Dream, Critical Mass, Cotton Candy, Cinderella 99, Lemon Thai Kush, Sugar Black Rose, Purple Wreck, Norther Lights x Skunk #1, Tangilope, Ultra Sour, Wild Thai, Pineapple Express, and many more to come :laugh2:

To start this journal I'd like to explain the way my factory line works.

1.Everything starts with my 36 site king cloner. I take clones from teenage mothers to save space. My clones usually root within 7-10 days using just water.

2.Once rooted they are placed under T12's in a Dixie cup with a recycled soil that has minimal nutrients. They are given straight water for 2 weeks. Sometimes they will be topped depending the strain.


3. After 2 weeks in the dixie cup they are moved to a 1/2 gal pot also under T12's with the same recycled soil. They will remain in the 1/2 gal pot from 4 to 6 weeks depending on strain and which tent the plant is going to.

4.When the plants in the 1/2 gal pots are large enough to flower they are moved to either 5 gal, 3 gal, or 1gal pots. Some of these plants will be on the Fox Farm Trio and some will have Subcool's super soil on the bottom.

5. Harvests are usually done every 2 weeks. I'm working on breaking it down to 4 single crops every 2 weeks but right now I have harvests sometimes weekly.


And that's an over view of how the factory runs. Looking forward to using this journal to track future harvests to help provide myself better data for making decisions. Hope you guys enjoy it too!



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Getting subbed up early for this brotha :volcano-smiley: Hope all is jiving well in your neck of the woods :Namaste:

After last nights' votes things are going pretty good brotha! :cheer: Only 46 more states to go! They're saying you guys are next in 2016 :high-five:

Was hoping you'd be stopping by. This ones gonna be a pretty random journal. It might get a little more organized as I move towards larger single crops vs constant perpetual. Thinking your gonna like the new style. Love the smell of the cooked supersoil smells amazing! Might be leaning on ya for a tea recipe late flower but hoping for straight water. :Namaste:


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Had a pretty busy day in the factory yesterday. Not sure why but big garden days always seem to happen around important days for cannabis legislation. It's like the plants are celebrating lol.

Anyways I was able to get quite a few pics of the process. Only had to wash my hands a dozen times to take them without getting my phone all dirty :11:

First up is the plant I harvested. I apologize for some of the pics being sideways but I deleted them before I could correct it. This is an Ultra Sour. One of the original strains I started with. Honestly I'm still not a big fan of it. Ever since I tried a shatter of it I realized I don't prefer fuel/diesel strains. Back in the day if someone sold me a bag of sour d I was ecstatic but now I'm a weed snob and only smoke the fruity stuff :yummy: This girl was grown in soil with a small amount of Jobes Organic All purpose fertilizer mixed into the bottom third of the pot. She was given nothing but water and I took her down around day 65. I actually had 3 of these and experimented day 55, 60, and 65. She'll end up yielding between 1 and 1 1/2 oz dry.

After getting her harvested I transplanted 6 plants into flower and 8 plants in veg. I'm pretty excited about the 6 I put into flower. These are my first plants using fully cooked super soil. Also normally I put 1 or 2 plants into flower but this time I'm putting 6 in at once. Eventually I hope to move to 9 plants per 600 and then possibly down to 6 plants per light. The reason I most excited about this transplant though is my Cinderella 99 and Tangilope seedlings are finally going into flower. Anytime I run a new strain I'm excited because it's about a 4 month process but I'm especially excited for these 2 strains.


This is a process I usually go through every week. I'm working towards only doing this cycle every 2 weeks. The biggest thing I've learned is tracking. It's very important to stay organized and keep track of what your doing. Personally I color code everything. I put color coded labels on each plant that correspond with a table on my white board. This allows me to track each plant in my garden. The table on the top left is my 36 site cloner, the table in the top middle is my 2x4x5 LED tent, the largest one on the bottom left is my 4x8x7 tent, the square one in the bottom middle is my 4x4x7, and the most important table for me is on the far right which tracks my plant counts for each strain in veg. This helps prevent me from losing strains or phenos which unfortunately has happened to me before. :17:

I also use several calenders to track my feedings and harvests. This is also color coded by tent. The best i've found are these huge desktop calendars.

The biggest obstacle for me to move into lower plant counts with larger plants is having the space to veg them. I read a book by Ed Rosenthal recently where he says you basically need to have twice as many plants in veg as you do in flower. I felt pretty stupid after reading that and realizing that I've been doing things backwards. I've created tons of flower space with very little veg space. My room is maxed out unfortunately. I literally cannot squeeze another tent in there otherwise I would :hmmmm:. Instead I'm building a small veg box to sit on top of my 2x4 tent. It's not complete yet. Still need to trim it down so it slides all the way back. Then I'll wrap it in mylar and it'll have a 2 bulb T5 and 4 bulb T5. Should be able to fit 3 black trays with 9 1/2 pots or 6 1 gal pots.

And finally just a few shots of the current veg area and the new transplants that went from dixie cups to 1/2 pots. I also included a shot of my Deep Purple seedling from TGA. It's growing really funky and has some weird leaves. Way behind the Pineapple Express and Sugar Black Rose that were planted the same time. Hoping she snaps out of it. Had a similar issue with my Cindy and she looks gorgeous now.

Well that's all for today. Sorry again for the sideway pics. My neck hurts from just posting this. :Namaste:


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Me too. Red Dragon is indescribably yummy in this way. The fragrance in particular, almost becomes a taste when you inhale it. Ahhhhh! :hippy:

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprise. My friend had some amazing Flo x Sour D and Tangie x Sour D. I was blown away by the flavor.

Wondering if a longer cure would bring out more sour or if my Ultra sour pheno is just super diesely.

Still definitely prefer the fruity stuff tho. One of my current favorite is Northern Lights x Skunk 1. I think it tastes just like fruity pebbles :)


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This should be good - Im here for the show - Nice set up man ! I like it!


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Hey everybody,

It's been pretty busy in the factory the last few days. Mainly been harvesting which is the best kind of busy. I did have a chance to take a few pics for you.

This first set of pics is a watering I did on Friday for my 4x4 flower tent. Most of them are on week 6 and looking fantastic. Some are on week 4. Little bit of an early fade on the older ones but I don't think it's going to be much of an issue. Most of these were grown with the FF trio or with an uncooked super soil. They are pretty even. I'd say the uncooked super soil is still producing slightly bigger/healthier plants though. I didn't get a chance to take too many pics of the process but here's a few of the plants.

Wild Thai - 4 weeks - FF trio


Agent O - 4 Weeks - FF trio

Purple Wreck - Week 6 - FF trio

Purple Wreck - 6 Weeks

Blue Dream - Week 6 - Uncooked Super Soil

These next pics are a CBD Crew Critical Mass I harvested on Friday. The plant is already dried and jarred. Ended up with 30 grams. Always one of our favorites. Would love to get this one tested to see if our pheno is the high CBD. It certainly puts us to sleep lol.


And finally this morning I took down 2 of Northern Light x Skunk #1's. One of my top 3 strains. Smells and tastes just like fruity pebbles IMO.



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Nice, really nice! :thumb:

I envy you all that space! Produce is gorgeous!



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Nice, really nice! :thumb:

I envy you all that space! Produce is gorgeous!



It's not always about the size. It's how you use it :laugh2:

Seriously though I don't yield nearly as much as I should in this space. I'm slowly learning to increase yields and quality though. The last 6 I put into flower will hopefully yield a minimum of 2 oz per plant. It's a juggling act for sure.


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Hello everyone!

Hope your having as fantastic of an evening as I am. Just got done with a hard day of gardening, sitting next to the warm double boiler :), and figured I'd post some pics for you.

First, I was able to take a few pics of the 4x4 tent during a watering on Wednesday. I didn't get individual shots of all the girls in there but I did take a few out for some up close shots. Definitely an early fade but they are still looking healthy and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Gave them all water with molasses for this watering. I've alternated between straight water, water plus molasses, and Fox Farm Sledgehammer. Still can't decide which method I prefer. Anyways here's the pics of the 4x4 girls. Some of these are around week 6 and some around week 4.

Wild Thai

Agent O


Blue OG Kush

Blue Dream

Purple Wreck

Cotton Candy

Blue Dream in Super Soil

All the girls in the 4x4


Next up I have a few pics from 3 plants I harvested out of my 4x8 yesterday.These include:

1. Medicann Seeds Blue Blood which still comes out super stunted for me. The smell is like blueberry skittles. I've grown her several times now and still can't get the flush/cure down. I know the flavor is there thinking she may be one that takes a long cure. The oil always comes out fantastic though



2. Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy which is turning into one of our favorites with huge yields, a delicious fruity flavor/smell, euphoric sativa high, and very simple to grow. I didn't get any pics of the Cotton Candy before I took her down. She was the largest by far.

3. Humboldt Seeds Blue has been somewhat of a let down. The plants have all been very healthy with tremendous yields, resin, and a fantastic blue dream smell but the buds have always smoked very hashy and nasty tasting. Hoping a run in the super soil will show her true colors. This one was still grown using my all purpose fert vs super soil.



My next set of pics aren't quite as pretty I'm afraid. There's always a learning curve. Think I found out the hard way that you need to water and feed waaaaay less under LED's. Could be wrong but pretty sure that's the case with these sad looking girls. Might throw them or hold out for the last 4 weeks and blast 'em all.



And a more positive update..I moved 6 girls into 5 gal pots that will be moved into flower when the lights come on tonight. They are also in Super Soil. The strains include Blue OG Kush, Lemon Thai Kush, Blue Blood x 2, and 2 new strains I've very excited about Pineapple Express and Sugar Black Rose. Going to try a support cage on a few to compare with my bamboo stakes.


The final pic is of the girls that were transplanted on 11/4. They're looking fantastic so far.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take pics of the super soil batch I made up today. I will definitely try to get pics of the my super soil process in the future.

That's it for tonight everyone. Thanks for reading and happy growing! :Namaste:


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Tried to post this a few days ago and it didn't go through. Second try lol:

I had a chance to take more pics of the 4x8 flower tent last night after I put the latest girls in. Glad I decided to do the photo shoot because right before I was going to zip the tent up I noticed that my gorgeous Cindy 99 looked different. Gave her a closer look and she's covered in BALLS! Apparently my feminized seed wasn't so feminized. I caught it early he was only in flower for 10 days. For a moment I considered throwing him in the 2x4 LED tent that looks terrible anyways and make some crosses but I came to my senses. I can't take the risk of the pollen spreading to my crop and I don't have another room to put him in so I chopped hiim. First time I've ever gave a plant the axe and first time I've ever had a male.

Here's a few shots of the male Cindy 99 before I chopped him.


These pics were taken before I noticed the male. Going to have to transplant another one to fill the gap now.

These are the 3 plants I mentioned harvesting. They're on day 2. Will probably jar them on day 4 and slowly release the remaining 10% humidity.


I also took some pics of my veg plants. I severely topped all them right before taking these pics.

Still wondering about those plants under the LED. My opinion is still overwatering but other opinions are welcome.

That's all for today. Happy Shatterday! :Namaste:


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I had a chance to sample a joint this morning of the Blue Dream I pulled down on 11/13. Completely blew my mind! Guessing she just wasn't properly flushed last time because the taste is already phenomenal and she just hit the jars. Looks like I'll be doing some cloning today :)



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Wow! Impressive set up! Looks like it really flows when you get right into it.

I'm not sure about that LED damage, I'm thinking it may be Cal-mag only because some of the less extreme ones are purple in the leaf stem and the yellowing.

I bet you could almost double your harvest if you were able to veg for just 1 extra week. I think you have the headspace for it.

Anyways, looking great, I wanna see a full cycle so I'm getting comfy :)


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Wow! Impressive set up! Looks like it really flows when you get right into it.

I'm not sure about that LED damage, I'm thinking it may be Cal-mag only because some of the less extreme ones are purple in the leaf stem and the yellowing.

I bet you could almost double your harvest if you were able to veg for just 1 extra week. I think you have the headspace for it.

Anyways, looking great, I wanna see a full cycle so I'm getting comfy :)


My biggest struggle has been developing an organized perpetual system. It takes a lot of patience. I'm slowly getting better at it. I've had previous runs where they got too big lol so there is definitely a balance. One of the reasons I decided to start this journal is to keep track of my different strains so I have a better idea of which ones go into flower at what times. 20+ strains are really difficult to memorize stretch times and heights :3:

Now that I'm using super soil I can spend a lot more time focusing on the plant structure and documenting my data.

I was leaning Cal-Mag on the LED as well. I've heard it can be an issue with LED's but I'm hesitant to believe that because our water has generous amounts of cal/mag. I'm really not sure :hmmmm: I really don't stress about unhealthy plants anymore as long as the majority of the plants look good. With soil it seems like you can't really fix any problems that hit mid flower so I've learned to just ride it out. I've been pleasantly surprise by the quality of oil I get from some crappy looking plants :allgood:

You picked a great cycle to watch. My largest plants going to flower to date plus in fully cooked supersoil. Also, its prime growing season here because of the low winter temps. Should be interesting :Rasta:


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Well I must say you are rocking it so far! I would love to have a 3+ tent set up! So much so right now I'm considering making a ramshackle seed tent hahaha!

What do you mean your water has a generous amount of cal mag? Do you mean inherently in your tap water there is lots of calcium and magnesium? Cause if thats true, where I am we have lots of Calcium too but it's not the plant available kind, it only screws with our PH and water hardness (ppms). You tested your ph and everything was looking good?


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Well I must say you are rocking it so far! I would love to have a 3+ tent set up! So much so right now I'm considering making a ramshackle seed tent hahaha!

What do you mean your water has a generous amount of cal mag? Do you mean inherently in your tap water there is lots of calcium and magnesium? Cause if thats true, where I am we have lots of Calcium too but it's not the plant available kind, it only screws with our PH and water hardness (ppms). You tested your ph and everything was looking good?


When I first started Doc's High Brix kit I was able to pull our cities water report. I'm not an expert myself but Doc looked it over and said we have very good water. My understanding is the cal/mag in the water is available to the plants because whenever someone runs RO water it's always recommended to supplement cal/mag for the cal/mag that's lost through the RO process. I could be wrong but either way its never been a problem with any of my other plants. Pretty sure I overwatered/overfed because I wasn't used to the difference between HPS and LED. The LED plants haven't been watered in 10 and still don't need water :11:

I no longer check my PPMS or PH. I used to watch those numbers religiously but after Doc told me to jump on a rake I learned PH/PPM should really only be necessary in hydro. Now when I'm running his kit or super soil I know for sure these numbers don't mean crap but when I'm running the FF trio I do know that the Tiger Bloom especially will drop my PH like a rock. I do have Earth Juice PH up crystals that I used to use but I learned it was easier to feed the half doses more frequently because then the ph would stay in range without any PH up. In a perfect world I would have a 200 gal reservoir with a the tri meter checking ph, ppms, and temps constantly.

The tents are a love/hate relationship. The simplicity, cleanliness, and price are awesome but climate control and crowding definitely become issues. If I owned my house I would build rooms for sure but when your renting I don't think you can beat a tent. One thing I've learned about tents is brands mean nothing. Some of the best tents I've seen are the cheapest ones on Amazon.
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