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Had to go to SF yesterday for car maintenance. Decided to visit a new club. I have read of mr. niceguy for a while now. Reviews rating their meds as very good. It was one of those perfect weather days.. so nice!

They open at 10am which was good for my early arrival at the honda dealership and only one BART stop and a walk. Very convenient in a somewhat suspect neighborhood.

There is a large door that you are buzzed through.. to a small window (like a cashier's, bullet proof glass, etc.) that you slip your card (OCBC) and ID (CA/DL)through. They buzz you through into another room (after they told me to take off my hat.. now why would they do that? I was carrying a briefcase too and they didn't say anything about that. Weird).

Once in the large sterile room there was a board with all of the day's offerings. I studied them and went to the budtender and made my choices.

They had a good selection.. got 3 of their top indicas, all fresh, nicely cured. I sat down for a few minutes (MS weakness in legs). I was told I couldn't sit down.. didn't say anything except thank you and left. No place to medicate. Damn, no place to even sit!
Over-rated-wan-bam-thank-you-ma'am-no-we-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything-but-your-money-in-our-cash-register-type places. They do take credit cards though. All in all, not worth the trip. Better places not far from this place. Don't know till you try.

Got my ass over to HopeNet Co-op, the best of the SF MCDs I've had the pleasure of visiting. Then back to the Honda Store and across the bridge back home.

P.S.: Recently got some fine NL from my local MEDs in El Sobrante (San Pablo Dam Rd).. went back for more... gone. MEDs sells clones now.
ya theres a few places here in town that are like that unfortunately they have the dankest herb... which is the only reason they get my dough
The two nicest MCDs in SF I've found so far are HopeNet and Sanctuary.. both of which have small medicating rooms. :peace: What about the rest of you Bay Area people? Comments?
Pinch, you couldn't be more accurate, Mr.Nice Guy, wasn't very
nice, with its antiseptic interior, and poor selection of Medical
Cannabis, I felt the only thing Mr. Nice was there for was to
Seperate me from my money. So far Hopenet Coop is consistantly
stocked with the Medical Grade Cannabis.
You're correct Mr H, HopeNet has the best consistency in the SF area.
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