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Mr Squirryl Grows Akorns - All Kinds Of Randomly Named Strains

Jim Squirryl

New Member
Squirryl's Log - AKORNS - Update 1.0

Growbox glows golden in 27 hundred Kelvin Cfl light :circle-of-love:

60 Watts of squirryl'd sunshine,

white balance adjusted this time.

Seed-starting soilmix is peat, perlite and vermiculite in equal measures with some finely ground up wool pellets.

Left side AKORNS

Right side AKORNS

Hello Sprout :ciao:

They are watered now daily with a weak "Rootfast" solution.

Jim Squirryl

New Member
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement :Namaste:

Of the seedlings, I have selected the 3 strongest and the one cutest to continue this grow.

In my struggle against high temps, I had to remove 2 Cfl lamps.

The Cfls are emitting an appropriate spectrum of light to enable robust growth, however, the little one is struggling, so I have invested in a brand new LED lamp.

I can tell by the way she is bending towards the lamp that she is loving the new, full spectrum light :love:


Jim Squirryl

New Member
Week something...

The catbox is filling up with foliage.

I have invested heavily in a new ventilation system with integrated blue LED for extra powerful photosynthesis.

I must admit, LED technology has come a long way since the red diodes on the old Texas Instruments calculators.

I am running out of space. I guess that happens with increased photosynthesis from the additional spectrum of LED.

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

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