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Hi, I'm brand new here, been REALLY inspired by SpecCees grows and his passion, my mate and I just fell over backwards at his 12/12 grow and decided we were going to try do just that.

SINGLE COLAS!!!! WOAH! :bravo::thanks::welldone:


I've always wanted to a have a journal and what better place than here!

So here goes!

What strain is it? Australian Blue

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Not sure, Its got heavy pull down and from a 400watt hps on pk-13/14 it cranks out hard nuggets with a solid hit. 5 hour high after not smoking for a week of 1 cone.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower
If in Veg... For how long? 4 Weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long? 1 week
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Coco
If soil... what is in your mix? Coco
If soil... What size pot? 200mm pots 4 litre
Size of light? 135 watt CFL
Is it aircooled? Got 4" fan blowing on it, with fans outside in the room.
Temp of Room/cab? Don't know yet, havent got a thermo approx 16-30 deg
RH of Room/cab? Dont have a Humidity meter, nothing i can do about Humidity/ its usually 50-90% outside
PH of media or res? 5.3-5.6
Any Pests ? None so far some sort of flying grasshopper that goes for lights anywhere tiny, cant stop it, so I inspect plant for an damage daily.
How often are you watering? every 2 days now.
Type and strength of ferts used? EC 1.8 including 0.3 base water. Flairform Green Dream 1 part vege, 1 part Bloom. Currently feeding Bloom.

Ph Down is Growth Technology.

Any proper advice is appreciated.

I have a Bluelabs EC meter, and a normal chinese made PH meter I guess. It dosent say, but looks like it.

I'm probably going to get some Canna pk13/14 once the buds start showing in a 250ml.

I'll also look at getting some PH Buffer 7.0 and 4.0 to recalibrate my meter cause my mates and I's are showing an entire ph difference of 1.
e.g. Mine is 7.8 and his is 8.8.

Big difference for base water.

So here we go from the start, I'll upload quite a few to get us up to speed

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WELCOME TO 420!! :welcome:

sounds like you have your homework done!! :bravo:

I'm a bubble guy....... but i will do anything to help if needed!!

once again....:welcome:

and best of luck!!


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Bearing in mind I need to buy a calendar cause I'm new to all this "day 45" stuff.....So my times are not accurate to a T!

1-4-10 RE POT FROM 2 litre to 4L Pot
8-4-10 Day 18 from first planting


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9-4-10 - SWITCH TO 12/12
These Buds are Australian Blue from 400watt HPS on PK 13/14 from a mates grow.
16-4-10 Thin out major bottom leaves
18-4-10 Day 28 From Planting
Gear I'm Using:yummy:

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nice spread!!


im not real familiar with that strain, but i think you may have just inspired a
:51: and :surf: the web session.

looking good!!


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So from Seed = 5 weeks old, 4 weeks of veg, 1 of Flower so far.

28 Days in the Pot as of current.

I havent included the time from seed for the "days", cause it took it a bit to get moving...prolly a week.... have to fix this with SpecCees method of germination with rockwool cubes.

Started on 18/6 now onto 12/12.

Ph 5.5 EC 1.8 Including 0.3 Base. So apparently its a 1.5 EC.

I could probably knock it up to 2.0?

Leaves tend to curl up they dont lie flat, I dont think the Lights putting out enough light for the newer leaves around the bottom ones, but thats not a biggie for me, I share house and theres no air con etc and its bloody hot some days which a 400 HPS wont help with.

After nearly a month, I've got 5 fingered leaves.

Last time I measured it was 36cm high from the dirt, and since i forgot to do it, its prolly about 42cm now.


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Ok update time! Im lead to believe the stretch is slowing down a little and have gotten some nice cheap ideas off 420Coms such as putting white paper on the walls and I've also got everything off the ground more and put the plants in a big container to keep all water that drains out of the pots IN the cupboard because im not moving the plants anymore its too big.

I've also hooked up my two flouros I started the previous grow with that did nothing for another 48 watts of flouro power 1 in bright daylight spectrum and 1 in warm white spectrum. its just what ive got on top the 135watter.

All up 183 watts of flouro or approx 10000 lumens @ 60 lumen a watt if thats correct or whereabouts.

I just stacked the whole container on 4 x 100mm pots and gravity fed the plants thru a siphon method rather than busting my back between drawers and corners.

Just now I had a brain storm!! Why not move the whole grow to the other side of the cabinet to stop the back busting lol gee we learn as we go dont we?!!

I've also bought a litre of "hydroponic solutions Extra Yield", which is a flowering amplifier.

Already seeing some major advancements in budding already.

Its going thru about 4 litres every 2.5 days this 3/4 metre plant and weve taken 2 clones off her and put them in grow-blocks and under a plastic lid for a bit of greenhouse effect while they do their thing and when my babies finished her run ill have 3 plants to get moving under them lights then!


On with the pics from last post!

19/4/10 Day 29
20/4/10 day 30
21/4/10 Day 31
21/4/10 Day 31
22/4/10 Day 32
23/4/10 Day 33
24/4/10 Day 34
25/4/10 Day 35 REBUILD Cupboard Start Extra Yield Nutrient Additive
25/4/04 Day 35
25/4/10 Day 35
25/4/10 Day 35
26/4/10 Day 36
26/4/10 Day 36



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OK At the moment I'm doing EC 2.0 with 2.5mls of Extra Yield (potash plus) per litre on top of 5mls per litre of Green Dream Bloom 2-2-6.

I've heard that not enough Lumens and too much Nutes = Nute Burn.

As of Today I've discovered that I have spots appearing on my leaves all over.

I cant see any pests, there's nothing moving on the leaves etc.

Since the stretch has stopped, I'm primarily going with the top cola shots each day rather than the whole plant.

Day 37 - 27/4/10

Day 39 - 29/4/10

Day 40 - 30/4/10

Day 42 - 2/5/10

Day 44 - 4/5/10

Day 45 - 5/5/10

Day 46 - 6/5/10

A weird Thing that turned up overnight 7/5/10

Also the size of the big leaves when held.....

And how they "curl" up which mystify me a bit.

ANY HELP ON THOSE LAST 3 would be appreciated.


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Hi MrCoz, I grow in coco.
You'll get diff. opinions. Here is mine.
I don't use bloom boosters. I have, but will not use them now.
I don't think they work.
You'll get diff. opinions.
Push your plants (increase nutes) till you see a bit of tip burn. Then back-off!
This will establish the maxium amount of nutes the plants can handle.
I won't mix perlite in my coco any more.
I use a blend of piece coir and regular coir.
Plants reach a size, usually in flower, where I have to be watered every day.
When watering with nutes (everyday) I look for run-off of 50%.
Why the run-off. No nute build up and no PH problems. EVER! :439:
The PH I use is 6 to 6.3. A little variance is good.
I hope this helps.


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Hey CocoJoe, Thanks for the reply!

Very informative. Is there a coco-peat thread?

I'll have to have a look.


The only reason I used a bloom booster was cause my mate whose grown in them for years recommended this particular one and it wasn't expensive (20 bucks a litre).

He uses Canna products and for bloom he uses PK 13/14 and reckons the PK 13/14 leaves a "wax" on the roots, even tho its still good, the Xtra Yield still gives just as good a result.

Since I haven't done grow with coco before (I'm a soil guy previously and was very dum in growing) and I'm only taking his advice cause it seems to work what he does.

Don't ask me I've got no idea what that "was on roots" means.

Since I've got no Buds and am not buying them, I need the biggest harvest off this little girl I can get so I'm not gunna muck about.

One day in the future I'll do a proper grow in my own house and ill experiment, with no boosters etc.

See if I get the same result as you.


I'm running 2.1 EC now including the base water of 0.3 EC and the booster which knocked it 0.3 EC up over 5 litres per maximum recommended dose.

So all up I'm at about a 1.8 EC incl Booster.

Think I should push it further?


Why not Perlite?


I'm doing every 2nd day now, the pots are 4 litres due to size constraints ( dont know what iM gunna do with the next 3 coming up ive got no room for 3 plus a 2/3 finished plant!!!).

My babies drinking approx half the pot a day, my mate reckons they will want all the water they can get, but I dont wanna run them wet 24/7 incase I get some kind of root rot. Dunno if im talking shit* here or not?


I have my 4 litre pots. I run 5 litres of once a week ph 5.8 thru it (mate says "up it to 6.2 now") to flush it, then I dump another 4 litres of Nutes thru it.

I'll usually get half the amount I put in out the bottom of the pot.

2 days later I'll re-nute and the strength of the EC comes right up from when I flush it (i guess due to the flush being just water).

I like the Idea of a real flush out so I know theres nothing pissing about with my roots or my plant that shouldnt be in there. I dont like guess work anymore!

I guess like you!

Mate thinks "just till it starts running out the bottom (so could this be where his "wax on roots" comes in?, I might put it to him).

Excellent mate!




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Hey All, New Bud shots, and more arriving every day, but i really need to sort out whats up with the spots etc, they are progressing a bit more slowly.

Top bud is storming up!


Apart from the Spots, everythings dandy I think.

Had to rehash my "days" since I had included the vege phase in the days from start.

So from today the 12th May, We are at day 33 in flower.


DAY 31 - MAY 10th

DAY 32 - MAY 11th

I think I've finally got this frickin 'days' thing worked out now lol.....sorry for any head scratching.

First journal, so much to learn!!!

Oh and I've got 3 more babies on the way, 1 x some random sativa from seed and 2 x Aussie Blue Clones off the one above.

Currently waiting for their response, as they have roots, just gotta wait for them to start growing leaf.

That's for another thread.



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I'm pretty sure you have mites, see those white spots on the underside of the leaves? Those are immature mites and mite eggs. You need to spray with neem oil quickly!

Pick up something like green light neem concentrate....Amazon.com: Green Light Organic Neem Concentrate - Pint #17016: Patio, Lawn & Garden.

Spray when the lights go out and do it every other day for 3 times. So spray tomorrow, wait a day, spray the next day,wait a day, spray the next day for the final time.


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I'm pretty sure you have mites, see those white spots on the underside of the leaves? Those are immature mites and mite eggs. You need to spray with neem oil quickly!

Pick up something like green light neem concentrate....Amazon.com: Green Light Organic Neem Concentrate - Pint #17016: Patio, Lawn & Garden.

Spray when the lights go out and do it every other day for 3 times. So spray tomorrow, wait a day, spray the next day,wait a day, spray the next day for the final time.


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Looking great sir! Kind of wanna try soil soon here myself....


Tis Cocopeat! Soils cool in the right country, but cocopeat is awesome.

OKS226 = Mites?

If you rub the spots, they dont move?

And the spots go right thru the leaves?

So do mites hatch INSIDE the leaves?


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I believe they are on the outside, what they eat I believe is the Chlorophyl in the leaves causing them to get spots, sure sign of mites, either get the spray or you can make a homemade spray with a mixture or rubbing alcohol and water.


Green Utopia

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I just found this journal and really enjoyed seeing all the pics as a timeline. Took me a sec to remember that in Europe the Day is listed first in dates ;)

So 420 day prolly doesn't make a whole lot of sense :51:

I don't really have any insight into coco, although I'm following and learning. But I would agree that the spots may be bugs. Don't wait to find out.

Neem Oil! Its safe for the plants and will likely do the trick at this stage. A pain in the ass to wipe on EVERY leaf - top and BOTTOM - but I would definitely start that process now. Better safe than sorry with such great plants going.



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No they don't hatch in the leaves, rather underneath it. The brown spots are spots where the mites have already damaged the leaves, they won't move. The white spots under the leaves are what I am seeing as young mites and eggs.


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I have a thousand ciggys on the deck outside in a bottle, If I dumped them in a bucket and water added some salt stirred it up and sponged bath the plants would this help? otherwise tommorow I'm off to the hydro shop for the mite cure, I dont care about the price It's the buds I care about. NEED BUDS!!!

Quite frankly, Im gunna ask for neem oil or Im gunna gas about and find this rubbing alcohol, have no idea where to get it......Chemist?

Geez i change my clothes when I go into the room and ive got a baby and 2 clones next to the main plant growing, so far unaffected......but ive got mites?!!!

MITES!!! *sad face* so upsetting i love my plants, guess i better put some effort in then!
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