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MRXC's - Mars LED - HPS - Soil Grow


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strain Dinafem's critical + 2.0 and Dinafem's Original amnesia

critical = 70% Sativa, 30% Indica Critical+ x Resistant Critical+ pheno

amnesia = Mostly Sativa Haze x Northern Lights

veg I will leaf them in veg till the screen fills out. and i'm done with mainlining.

flower dinafem recomends critical 50 days and amnesia 65 days but i prob leaf theme for a week or two longer than that.

indoor i have a diy box i constructed my self. from some trash the last owner left i only needed the maylar for walls ect. the space is 4,5 ft high and 2.5 x 2.5 ft wide.

soil I will be using plagron light mix with no perlite but i will be adding clay peddles later on

pot last time i used 12 liter pots but now i will be using 18 liters at the end i wil start them of in 0,7 liter pots

nutrients sulfos gold serie. i don't know much about this stuff but i have some left so i will be using this for this grow and switch after this grow to something beter but atm this works for me the last 3 grows with this line gave me good results for not to much effort or resurch. i got the root starter for the first 3 weeks ad halve a dose and 3 bottles with A,B,C, on them no info about whats in them thats the reason i would like to transfer to some other nutrients after this grow. if some one hase some recemondations for me please let me know !!!

Light I use 2 mars led panels of 170watt each and a cfl bulb for flower to add a extra 125 watt
the cfl is just a regular cfl in a cheap shitty reflector and the LED panels got little fans on the back.

temp night time it drops to 20℃ the lights on it could hit 35℃ cause of the summer at the moment and im in a addict... but in the winter i could turn everything on full blast. but for now im just running one panel. i will be adding more when it cools.

RH between 40 and 65 %

for air flow i have 2 small fans and one big extractor fan (355 M3/h) with temp control and speed control build in. and a inline fan(280 M3/h) as a intake.


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sorry for not rotating the pic before upload...

i also would like to tell that i recently sold the 125 watt bloom cfl to a buddy of mine how is going to start growing. this is why i'm running just the LED penals atm. BUT i will soon be upgrading to a HID WITH AIR-COOLED HOOD at 400 Watt's. cant wait. i also hope i could cramp those two LED panels in there xD but we will see.


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Oke some more info on the grow

I just transfert the best plants in to 18 liter pots and the others in to 12 liters
I use plagron batmix with feed for 4/6 weeks after that i will have to use some liquid feed

My grow is in a verry small space so it was to much to put two led's in there

So now it's on 12/12 For one day lets see how mutch they will stretch

At the moment im running 570 watt in that box but when i hit winter i will try to finnish flowering with 740 watt

I will finish the grow journal on this page to much trobble for me to change it xD
So for those watching enjoy
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