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I love Maryjane
shes not a bringer of death
and when I've lost everything
its her I've got left
people come and go
but Maryjane always stays
shes the one constant in my life
for all of my days
pets will die as will
family and friends
but Maryjane will be there
until the very end
she never argues about anything
and we always get along
shes here for life and
our relationship is strong
She is a positive influence
but shes Ms.Understood
the laws try to make her bad
although shes nothing' but good
shes the most beneficial plant
known to the human race
but they would have you believe
that shes a disgrace
they say she kills your mind
and that she makes you dumb
and shes destructive and evil
and to her you will succumb
its like botanical racism
she doesn't deserve the bad rap
everything they said was
all a bunch of Crap
Shes my life's pumping blood
she always keeps me going
always there with me
steadily flowing
the fuel for my soul
burning as it must
in a world full of lies
its MaryJane I trust
My silent homie
never saying a word
but her silent charms
never go unheard
I know for a fact
that I wouldn't be me
if I had made the decision
to never smoke the tree
its the best thing I've ever done
getting friendly with the Gan
its a positive thing
and its made me who I am
I inhale her deep into my body
and she enters into my veins
through the capillaries
and straight my brain
where she attaches to receptors
that are there just for her
its then that I experience
the human equivalent of a PURR​
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