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MSNL White LSD Auto


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Strain Name - White LSD Auto
From - MSNL
When - 15DEC2017
Type - Hybrid
Appearance - Very green, fairly airy buds covered in trichomes
Smell - Intense chemical citrus, nostril hair singing
Taste - Sharp but really nice! Citrus kickback on the exhale.
Type of Buzz - Hugely cerebral buzz, I find it fairly couch-locky. Makes me lose a few hours at a time!
Length of Buzz - 3 hours-ish
Best Medicinal Use - Anti-anxiety, takes you to a place all of your own
Overall - A great strain I will definitely run again. Finished in 10 weeks, decent yield (4.2 oz for 1 plant). Made for AMAZING edibles, very space-cakey. Knocked out a few buddies cause I made the butter a bit too strong lol but can definitely see where this strain gets its name.

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