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MT Medical Marijuana Backers Moving Fight Forward

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MISSOULA- The state medical marijuana law will go to Montana voters next year after petitioners picked up more than the 26,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the ballot.

A petition to put the power back to the people has passed and voters will not have their say on Montana's current medical marijuana law that the Legislature passed earlier this year.

Senate Bill 423 effectively closed all medical marijuana businesses on July 1st amd also repealed the initiative Montana voters approved back in 2004.

"We think that the citizens of Montana should have a say in such a large change in the program that they approved in the first place and we look forward to presenting our case," commented Rose Habib with the group Patients for Reform Not Repeal.

Habib coordinated a summer-long signature gathering effort and says volunteers generated more than 46,000 autographs, well above the 24,000 needed to qualify 5% of the voters in 34 legislative districts.

The Montana Secretary of State's Office certified the initiative will be on the ballot in 2012 on Monday.

"I think the approval of our Initiative Referendum will show the legislators that they have overstepped their bounds during the legislative session by repealing a citizens' initiative," Habib told us.

"We got support for every county in Montana. We go support from every House District in Montana and we expect that when our signatures are done being counted that we will have qualified for 5% of the voters in over 60 House Districts," she concluded.

Volunteers will now shift from gathering signatures to gathering votes. Click here to learn more about Senate Bill 423.


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