Mtn Fun: AK 47, 2018


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This is my 1st ever indoor grow of anything. I started 2 newly rooted AK-47 clones on Oct. 26 I had inadequate light for a few days before I got what I needed. These vegged for about 4 weeks and are now late in week 2 of flowering. When I changed the lighting schedule to 12/12 and turned on the (red) bloom setting on my light they started forming buds immediately. I keep things simple and easy, and my plants seem to be doing okay.
I use Sensilite growing medium in 2 gallon fabric pots. I want to keep the plants fairly small as my growing space is small. I have it in my kitchen pantry closet. It is the perfect size for me, was very simple to set up, and is only slightly ghetto! My light is a 1000 watt LED from Amazon. Fan cooled with VEG and FLOWER settings. It puts out lots of light! I had it too close to the plants at first and got a touch of light burn but now it's all good.
I'm using GH FlorSeries nutrients. I thought I would do hydro but decided soil would be simpler and more intuitive for me. I'm a long time outdoor vegetable gardener. I fertilize 1once a week per the GH schedule but mix 1/2 strength. I water with tap water that has been chilling in a 5 gallon bucket for a few days. It comes out of the tap at 8 PH so I correct it down to about 6.5-7. A but high but the run off comes out about 6. I've been watering thoroughly about every 3-4 days. I don't monitor temp. or humidity but I do keep some bowls of water in my closet to add some moisture to the very dry Colorado air. It's warm when the light is on, cooler when dark. Duh.
Attached photos show--clones on day 1: my grow closet set up and: one of my plants today.


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This finally became a bit of an eventful grow. I had some serious yellow leaves and got lots of different diagnoses when I posted some photos. I had no way of quantifying any of it so I just gave my plants the best care I could. They kind of snuck up in me and showed unmistakably cloudy and amber trichomes at about 54 days instead of the predicted 60-65. So...I harvested them! A modest grow by anyone's standards. I intended to keep it small since it was my first try. Overall I am pleased.
Next time I will-- veg longer for bigger plants. Use a PH meter instead of just testing/adjusting my water, maybe experiment with topping.


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