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Multiple lights by different manufacturers in a tent, ya or nay?


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So I was thinking about another light for my tent. Should I A. buy the same one or B .get a diffrent one ? Right now I run140 true watt led full spectrum , 12 band , for a 4x4. The diffrent one is a cob with 246 true watt that is full spec .(the one i have is not a cob , would it matter ?) What are my 420 families thoughts on this . Mixing lights . Click my sign. For my grow tent pics.


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Mixing light sources doesn't matter. The only recommendations you'll get from here are for QBs.

Midpowered diodes can be incredibly efficient and provide a large light source surface area for better crop coverage.

Lots of people regret cheap lights, no one regrets a good one. It is worth the time to save the extra money and make a quality investment. The lights are the engine that drive the whole operation.


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Hello 420 fam. Hope everyone is enjoying the time of day in ur time zone.
So I am looking at a 450 watt COB( 200 true) here is some info
3 pcs 150 watt bridgelux COB , 14200 lm, “warm sun”, 20” it has 1020 umol/m2
Is this good ? Wat is umol?
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