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Mumbai High On Kashmiri Cannabis

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There are Kashmiris who come to Mumbai with cannabis cultivated in their backyard. Reason: the city has many takers and the money is good.

Mumbai gets most of its supply of cannabis from Kashmir, the government agencies, which monitor the inflow of drugs into the city, say. "This year we have filed three to four cases against Kashmiris.

The trend of the inflow of cannabis and its derivatives is changing in the city, as the quantity of drugs we seize from Kashmiris is increasing every year," said an officer from the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB). "Six months ago, we caugHT two Kashmiris and a man from Delhi with 21 kg of hashish in Goregaon.

" In fact, in the trail of Gulam Malik, a resident of Pattan, Jammu and Kashmir, the NCB (Mumbai) has pleaded for a death sentence, as he is a repeated offender. The 2007 World Drug Report, released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that cannabis herb seizures made in Asia account for 5 pc of the world total, with the largest seizures in India about 147 metric tonnes (3 pc of world total).

Source: Yahoo India News
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