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Anyone else here get extreme munchies after smoking?

It seems like even when I look at a joint I feel like I've got to eat!
I hate it!!

I always crave things that I dont have in my kitchen. Its always something I have to go and get.

Ice cream sunday..
Taco Bell.....

Its so annoying. My boyfriend makes fun of me for it too!


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I have smoked for a while on and off, I have NEVER gotten the munchies. Funny how stuff effects people in different ways

Big dog

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As Justin Wilson used to say, "I do not believe dat!" If you don't get the munchies from smokin', you just ain't smokin' enough!


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ice cream mmmmm


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I'll try and plan my cannabis consumption around meals to counter that effect. However, when using really heavy indicas at night I can sometimes get an insatiable hunger which leads to large food intakes before bed, which I know is bad, but it doesn't seem to adversely effecting my health/physique.
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