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Mushroom help


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Hello and I hope everyone is all happy and well.

firstly I'm worrying I have posted this in the wrong place and if it gets moved I thank you for letting me know .

So a family friend has asked if I could grow him some mushrooms and truffles and thought the best place and people to ask is here .

So what do I need, timeline ect.

Thank you everyone .

No Pain

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you would need a pressure cooker, agar,petri dishes, mushroom spores , rye ,tyvex , glass jars , incubator, glove box,scaple and the list goes on .....your best bet would be to get a book by the author "Paul Stamets"

Virgin ground

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They have little bags that you can stick in your tent. Armed with a bit of knowledge you should be able to pull off a little harvest.
When you say mushrooms..........?
I think you want a light with UV to grow them. They absorb vitamin D from it. Not sure about truffles, I would imagine that they are hard to grow as they grow underground and you need either a sapling/ tree or a seed from a tree inoculated with spores.
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