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which song you guys like to listen to when ya smoking..or smoked.. not songs you like if your sober... xD

i wanna start downloading new music.. i mostly listen to hiphop or old school reggae (dancehall) reggaeton been my new thing


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Damian Marley-welcome to jamrock


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I just got my Machine Head "Through The Ashes Of Empires" CD back yesterday, so I'm jaming to that. Also I'm bumpin the Tribe Called Quest, KMK, & Total Devistation.

If you want to check out some new music, I suggest Rehab. They're like a southern Sublime, they mix all kinds of genres together.

Check out:
Hey Fred
Sittin' At A Bar
Lawn Chair High
Red Water
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sublime - "don't push" is a personal favorite for me to smoke to.

after i smoke i like to listen to 311 - eons ....that song trips me out.


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The old school stuff is great... Hendricks, Zepplin, Pink Floyd... but ya cant leave out Dre and Lil Troy!


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Hawker said:
Kiss. God gave rock and roll to you, is probably the one I listen to most...then new york groove, crazy crazy nights, love gun, detroit rock city, etc....I could list them all, but I wont...
Good choices. Plus Calling Dr. Love/Christine Sixteen/Rock & Roll All Night/Shout it out Loud and Strutter


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Bob Marley - 3 little birds
UB40 - Kingston Town
Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond, comfortably numb
Led Zeppelin - starway to heaven,
mazzy star - halah


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I like to mix it up a bit

Dispatch - Bang Bang

Slightly Stoopid - anything on the acoustic roots album

Flaming Lips - anything on At war with the mystics album

Matisyahu - king without a crown

Primus - early hits, Jerry was a Racecar Driver, My name is mud, Southbound Pachyderm

Blackalicious - Swan Lake

Sunday Valley (early Sturgil Simpson) - any of their live recordings on YouTube

The Supervillians - Iru Kanji

Professor Longhair - Tipitina

Radiohead - National Anthem

Fugazi - waiting room

Brushy One String
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