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Hi everyone, I've been lurking around the site for a while, and I thought I would come out and formally introduce myself. For those of you who know The Old Guy, I am one of his best friends.

I am Chris, and I live in San Antonio, TX- 20 years old, in college, no job. I play guitar, working on getting a band together, and I am also into 3D Animation and writing.

I am definately a big fan of Sublime and all things reggae.


edit: I changed the pics to links, and if you notice the US Army sticker on my guitar, that's for TOG....
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Ahhh......The NEW mod. Welcome to the boards any questions ask away, bro.


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yeah dude, i wish i lived in San Antonio, I'd jam w/ u guys on the bass. What kinda music u guys into playing


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Looking forward to hearing some demos! Have you picked a name out? I'm sure we can help you come up with some names.


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Reggae, Punk, some Ska-stuff with no horns, sounds kinda Sublime-ish, I guess. The name we had picked for ourselves is Roby's Workshop, but that is tenative for the time being as the band is very young and we have yet to play our first show. :rasta:

As soon as I have some method of recording our music I will most definately put it up for you guys.

Hopefullly Santa is going to bring me a half-stack....

edit: That is pronounced Row-bee.
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