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Muslims and Cannabis - spiritual use

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Muslim use

Generally in orthodox Islam, the use of cannabis is deemed to be khamr, and therefore haraam (forbidden). As with most orthodoxies, early practices differ in this.[citation needed] Some say that, as hashish was introduced in post-Koranic times, the prohibition of khamr (literally, "fermented grape" but generally understood to mean anything that clouds consciousness) did not apply to it.[citation needed] Others point to various hadith, which equate all intoxicants with khamr, and declare them all haraam, "if much intoxicates, then even a little is haraam".[citation needed]

Although cannabis use in Islamic society has been consistently present, often but not exclusively in the lower classes,[citation needed] its use explicitly for spiritual purposes is most noted among the Sufi. An account of the origin of this:

According to one Arab legend, Haydar, the Persian founder of the religious order of Sufi, came across the cannabis plant while wandering in the Persian mountains. Usually a reserved and silent man, when he returned to his monastery after eating some cannabis leaves, his disciples were amazed at how talkative and animated (full of spirit) he seemed. After cajoling Haydar into telling them what he had done to make him feel so happy, his disciples went out into the mountains and tried the cannabis for themselves. So it was, according to the legend, the Sufis came to know the pleasures of hashish. (Taken from the Introduction to A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Literature by Ernest Abel.)

In addition, the warrior sect of the Hashashin were said to have eaten hashish before their assassinations and were given the name "Hashasin" accordingly. This notion, traditional in the West, can be inferred from Marco Polo's account of his travels, though it has been widely disputed.[11]


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some wat true..... it is haram because like you said anything that clouds consciousness....but it is ok to use it for medical use if u need...then it is not forbidden in islam..and its forbidden to use a drug for spirtual purposes....in islam some of the shaytan(devil) main ways of getting people to commit sin is gambling and drugs....but marijuana is amazing ....marijuana is all i have ever smoked never tried anything else..and im a light smoker..


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oh and u cannot go to pray or speak about islam to others when ur high or not sober...with weed u can always control urself and it doesnt hurt u much and theres alot of advantages...so im happy i discovered weed and never tried anyting else
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