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This is my second time around. I am doing an indoor grow using two 3ft x 4ft x 6ft plywood grow boxes. One for flower and one for veg. I Learned alot of lessons from first grow. Many mistakes and many problems. But, they buds did turn out fantasitc. Harvest could have been bigger. But, turn out well.

This time around, I am using all TGA Genetics. I got rid of the dead and dying clones that had been eaten alive by the mites (which are also gone). A friend of mine that lives in Seattle area was kind enough to give me 11 plants that he had a surplus of. He gave me some bigger ones and some smaller ones. This way, I can replenish my perpetual grow and get things right back on track with very little down time. Here are the strains I am growing in this run. They are all TGA strains.

In the large flower box (still vegging on 18/6 .... not ready to flip yet)

5 Ripped Bubba's (2 different pheno types)
1 Jilly Bean (Orange pheno that smells like Sunny Delight)

In the Vegging box I have ......

2 Jilly Bean (Orange pheno)
1 Ripped Bubba
1 Chernobyl
1 Royal Queen

In Clone Area .......

5 Nurse Jackie (Testers) (Medicine Women x Jack The Ripper)

In my (3ft x 4ft x 6ft) flowering box, I am using a 600w HPS with a digital Ballast. I am venting using a 6 inch 500 CFM fan and 12 inch carbon filter. I am venting through a cool tube and have a small space heater inside the box to keep the temps right at 75 degrees. The RH stay right at 45%. Here are some pics of my Flowering box.



I'm not using a Scrog Screen this time. I worked excellent, but it makes it hard to work with the plants ... and/or take them out of the box.


I'll be using 7 gallon plastic pots this time instead of the 5 gallon smart pots.

Here's a look at the vegging box. I am running a 400w MH and a digital ballast. I am running 2 dual 2ft T5's in the Clone/Seedling area. I am venting box areas into the drying rack on far right side. I got to use the drying rack to dry my last batch (1st Grow) and it came out fantastic. Dries it a little faster than I'd like. But, they still cure well.

Ignore the plants in this picture. These aren't the actual plants in this grow. I am just showing the setup of my vegging area. I'll post up some pics of my currentl plants tomorrow after I do some maintanance..


I am using 3 gallon pots in the vegging area. But, the plants that are in there now are still in the 1 gallon pots. I'll transplant once I get some more dirt mixed up.

Here's the clone/seed area ...........


And here is the drying area ..............


I am using soil in my grow. It is my own mix of Super Soil (minus 1 ingredient). I use a mix of compost and organic soil and add perlite. Here's is the breakdown of the soild I am using.

1 (2 cu ft) bag of Earthgro. It's an all organic mix that contains .....

- Peat
- composted forest products
- sand

I also found Black Forest Compost on sale. It looks to be another all organic mix that contains .....

- compost
- forest humus
- worm castings
- Chicken poop
- bat guano
- kelp meal
- oyster shell
- dolomite
- lime
- mycorrhizae

I used 2 cubic feet of the Earthgro dirt and mixed it with 1.5 cubic feet of the black forest compost. Then, I added about 1 cubic feet of perlite to help break it up. I mixed it all up in my wheel barrel and put it into a plastic garbage can (with no lid) to use as needed.

The nutes is the full 7 part organic line from Blue Planet Nutrients. Worked fanstastic on my last grow. I thought I had burned my plants with nutes .... but it turns out it was just spider mite damage. I've since solved that problem.


My water is perfect. It is deep well water. My PPM is 47 ....... and my PH is always at 6.7 ...... it's very good water.

I'm still putting together this journal and getting my shit in one sock. As soon as I get things settled I'll post up some pics of my current girls and start doing regular updates.



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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics


Sorry about the false start. Wanted to get a journal started. So, by the time I got some current pics and got everything repotted, watered, fed and arranged, I would have a place to make a post and put some pics.

I got myself 3 bags of Earth Gro (2 cu ft each) form Home Depot. I got 3 bags of Black Forest Compost (1.5 cu ft) and 2 (1 cu ft) bags of perlite. I mixed two bags of Earth Gro with two bags of Black Forest. It gave me enough dirt to pot 4 or the 7 gallon pots. I also potted 2 more 2 gallon pots and 5 one gallon pots. I also had about 75 percent of garbage can of dirt left over. And, I still have a bag of Earth Gro, a bag of Black Forest and 2/3's of a bag of perlite left over. So, I am content. I have enough dirt to do one whole grow of 6 seven gallon pots and 6 3 gallon pots.

I watered everything thoroughly using the lightest veg recipe for Blue Planet Organic Nutes. I also added SNS 209 to all the water. I am treating for mites/thrips/aphids/knats from day one. I don't ever want that problem again. Fortunatley, the guy I got these plants from is a very respected grower and is the person who helped me get rid of my mite problem. He doesn't have bugs. But, we treated these plants for bugs before I even brought them home. He treats weekly as a preventative. I will wait three days till they get used to be re-potted. If they all look good at that point, I'm going to treat them again for bugs. I will normally give them the SNS 209 once a week. I will also be spraying them with liquid ladybug (actually it's Bronner's Magic Soap (must be peppermint) mixed 1 tbsp = 30 oz of water) and is sprayed directly onto the plants and dirt. It can also be added to the water. So, I'm treating these girls like they are infested with bugs .... even though they are not. And will treat weekly for life.

So, here's what the Vegging/Clone/Drying box looks like today .......................


The Clone/Seedling box is empty. I put the 5 Nurse Jackie (Medicine Woman x Jack The Ripper) into 1 gallon pots and moved them down to the veg area. They like the 400w MH much better than the little T5's.


If you look at the above pic. The plant in the upper left corner is a Chernobyl. The 5 below that on the left are the Nurse Jackie seedlings. The plant in the upper right corner is a Ripped Bubba. The three grouped together on the middle right are 2 Jilly Bean and 1 Royal Queen. The Royal Queen is the only plant that is not TGA. It's actually something they came up with at the University of Oregon (according to my buddy) and is super high in CBD. I believe it's mixed with Space Queen x who knows. I know I said that I was doing an all TGA grow. But, I am keeping this Royal Queen because my buddy says it's a fantastic smoke. It's not from the seed company Royal Queen .... so please don't let the name confuse you. The last two plants on the lower right are left over LA Kush from my last grow. They don't belong to me an are for my buddy and they are leaving tomorrow. So, don't get to used to them.


In the pic above, you'll see quart mason jars with my dry bud from my last grow. It dried really nice and is in the jars curing. The jars area staying right at 62% humidity with the lids on tight. Couldn't ask for more than that. I ended up with just about 7 oz from the three plants. Very happy with the outcome. Although the buds are small and aren't very dense, it smokes incredible and is very strong.

And, lastly ...... here are the girls that are getting ready to go into flower. My buddy gave me two big plants in 7 gallon pots (Ripped Bubba) that I put in upper left and upper right corners. They were taller than everything else. To keep them at a reasonable hieght, I super cropped all the main branchs on both of them. This should stall them long enough to let the other 4 catch up. And four smaller plants that were in gallon pots. I repotted the other 4 smaller ones into 7 gallon pots. 5 out of 6 plants are Ripped Bubba. The plant in the middle that is up front is a Jilly Bean. The Ripped Bubba has two different pheno types. There is the Stinky Pheno, which has a Kush like smell with a touch of skunkyness. The other phone is more of a candy shop. The Jilly Bean is the Orange Pheno that smells just like Sunny Delight when it's harvested. I am going to vegg these girls for a little longer and give the smaller ones time to bush out a little more. I'll probably flip them some time around the 1st of February. That should give me a nice 420 harvest in April.



So, here's the story about how I got all these plants. I was at the end of my first grow and had a bad attack of mites. I called my buddy to get help getting rid of them. He walked me through the process. But, I ended up chasing the bugs from the flowering box, to the vegging box, then back again. It was such a pain in the ass. And, I got tired of it quickly. So, I decided to harvest a week or so early to get rid of the plants in the flowering box. The small vegging clones and seedlings in the vegging box didn't fair well at all. He advised that I just shit can them. They were so bad off, I doubt they would have made it anyway. They mites really had their way with them and they were really sad looking. I figured they were so stressed, they probably would have hermied later anyway. So, I just tossed them. I was pretty bummed out, since I was attempting to get do a perpetual harvest and that was obviously not going to work out. So, I ended up with a half way decent harvest. But, had nothing to replace them with. So, it would be quite a while before I'd have anything to put into a flowering box.

So, my buddy tells me he needs to build his new vegging room. He wanted to frame a 6 ft x 6 ft veg room in the corner of a bed room. He was going to hang white plastic on the framed walls and hang his 8 bulb x 4 ft long T5 setup in there. Well, i brought over my tools and framed in the room for him. He told me he had to thin out his vegging plants and had too many. He told me he would give me enough plants to put some into flower and he also gave me enough smaller plants to have some in veg. So, he got me back up and running and didn't charge me a cent. I had brought over a jar of GDP and a jar of LA Kush (1/4 oz of each) for us all to try out. He really liked it. So, I left him with the 1/2. He really like it so everybody is really happy.

I love the way this community looks out for one another.

Well .... that's it for now folks.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Checked on the girls this morning. The temps are great. The Veg box is right at 72 degrees and the flowering box is always steady at 75 degrees. The RH is mighty low ..... it's in the high 30's. But, that will come up. The boxes have been empty and and the flower box has been turned off. So, the plants will start putting off humidity once they get comfortable.

A couple of the plants were drooping heavily. But, they were all dry. They needed to be watered the day I brought them home. But, didn't want to get the seats of my car wet. So I waited. I watered them all after transplanting. They all perked right back up over night. So, they don't seem to have gotten much of a shock from the transplanting. I'll spray them all with Bronner's Magic Soap in a day or two. But, want them to be less stressed before doing so.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Hey Muttt. Im here subbed and ready to ride along on this journal. Looking good and plants in every corner of the grow space :thumb:

Ill be getting my BPN soon and still have to get the rest of his line up. The base nutes will be here tomorrow so im happy about that.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

You're #1 ...... You're #1 ..... first to sub.

Wasn't sure if you'd come around my journal now that your famous .... member of the month and all ..... LOL.

You're really gonna like that BPN. Very easy to use and mix. I really like to use a large syringe marked in ML to measure out my nutes. Then just squirt it into a gallon jug and you good to go. In my first journal, I thought I had burned my plants using the BPN. But, that just isn't the case. It was the mites that caused the problem. Now I wish I had kept using my nutes. But it turned out well. The long flush with water only made my smoke really super smooth.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Naw im still a noobe-ody lol Never to good for the one put me here in the first place! :)

Yea I wanted to see some close up picks of that GDP & kush then you went missing lol.
Yea everyones grows are looking awesome and crystally with extra fat on it lol. I cant wait to use them. I already knew it wasnt the nutes. There organic and its very hard to burn plants with organic nutes. I didnt take you for a over feeder so I knew what I was talking about hahahaha! I gone threw alot of deficiencies so im like a master at the problem :)

Hope you killed all of those critters and wiped the grow room down very well.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Yeah ..... I sprayed the boxes with Bronner's Magic Soap (peppermint) mixed with 1 tbsp soap + 30 oz water. That stuff has the same active ingredients as Liquid Ladybug. It kills the live ones ... sufficates them. I waited a week and sprayed both boxes with bleach water (2 oz + gallon of water) and then let them sit for another week. Then sprayed them again with Bronner's Soap. So, the boxes were empty for about 2 weeks. Which is 4 times the life cycle of the mites. So, any missed eggs would have hatched and then died long before I put plants back in there.

Then, the day I put the plants in there, I watered them really heavy with SNS 209 which is a systemic that builds up in the plants. Then, I decided earlier to go down there and spray all the plants really well with Bronner's Soap. And, we just treated them 3 days ago. From this point on, I'll treat once a week with spray and treat in the water every other watering.

This should take care of mites/aphids/knats and thrips. The soap kills them and the SNS 209 makes them dislike the taste of the plant.

I'll post up some pics of the buds from the last harvest tomorrow.

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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

hey Mutt I'am here too


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Welcome Fish ...... always good to see you here.
re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

I am along for this ride. Glad I made it to this one from the beginning. :)


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Yeah Yeah yeah ..... I'm getting to it .... LOL. Gotta go down and water. I'll put up some pics here in a bit.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

I've typed this post three times. I've tried to add pics at least 5 times ..... it won't fucking let me. I'm not sure what they hell is wrong with this site today. But, it's driving me crazy.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

So I finally got this website to cooperate. I went down to water them today. All of them looked great. Couple inches of new growth and really green. None of the big girls in the flower box were wilted at all (like they were a couple days ago). I can't find any bugs anywhere. I gave each of them a gallon of water with BPN nutes on the Veg 2 schedule. I feed them Grow, Bloom, Micro, K-bud, Bio-juice, Dark Matter, SNS-209. I only get about a inch of runoff in the pans, so I think the amount of water is just about perfect. There's not even enough water in the pan to bother draining it.



The two plants in the back were so much bigger, I had do something about the height and supercropped all the tallest branches. This one is a textbook example.


I decided to repot the ones I am have in the veg box that are going to be put into flower next. So, i put them into 3 gallon pots. It will keep them watered longer. I noticed that the gallon pots get really really dry before the bigger ones. And I don't want to water every other day. So, now I give each 3 gallon pot a 1/2 gallon of water. It's just enough to give a little runoff and keeps them wet enough to water every 3rd or 4th day ... on the same schedule as the ones in the flower box. This make it way easier on me.

I also decided to put a board across the edge of the 3 gallon pots. It gives me a place to put my seedlings. They like it under the MH much better than the T5's. And this gets them up higher so thier light doesn't get blocked. And it looks so much better.

Here's the mess I had earlier ................


And here's what it looks like after re-potting and re-arranging. I like it better this way ..............


re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Very nice plants!


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Yeah ..... something had to be done. The bigger plants were getting too tall and the smaller ones weren't quite big enough. This evened the playing field a little bit. I was shocked at how fast they recover from the super cropping. You can quickly tell if you went too far. I did manage to SUPER CRAP a couple of them. I had to take them off cause they were too broken.

I also went through and topped everything that is growing in the veg box. The Jilly bean in the far back left side was stretching too much from my buddies grow room. And I am going to be vegging these for at least another 8 to 10 weeks (while the big ones are in flower). So, I don't need them outgrowing my veg box. So, I topped the little ones and took about 8 inches off the Jillybean. I need her to bush out more. So I'll probably be doing a bit of bonzai to keep these girls small enough. They'll be enormous in two months.

Oh .... and the Nurse Jackie Seedling have doubled in size. So, it looks like they are going to pull through. I'm glad I saved them from the bug attack ..... since they are impossible to get right now. Hopefully they are not all male ...... LOL. Send me some fem vibes .... LOL.
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