Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Airgas now charges like 160 bucks for a 20 lbs tank of CO2. It only cost about 30 to get it refilled. But, you have to buy into the tank .... then you basically own it.

Yeah they are in my basement. I have left the door open to the veg room with no issues. But, when the girls are in flower, leaving the door open stinks up everything. The basements steps go up into the garage, which hooks to the kitchen. The warm air from the basement goes up the steps and settles in the garage. If I don't run my carbon filter inside the box and/or leave the door open, the stink heads up into my garage. You can smell it outside the garage and every time you open the kitchen door, it fills the kitchen with stink (which I like). So, I have to keep the door closed to keep the odor under control.


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Damn i missed it! but im all caught up! Great grow and that box really is something! :goodjob:

When is the next one?!


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

This thread still alive or is there a new one up and runnin'?
Read that you have the Space Dawg seeds in rapid rooters already mutt. Waiting for an update on those! Thinking about getting myself a nice little bean present and these were on the list! Great job on the harvest, tasty looking dense nugs there buddy.

Hope everything is going well over there, :roorrip:


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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

what skunk said Happy 420 Mutt:)

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re: Mutt's 2nd Organic Grow - Soil - TGA Genetics

Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Don't forget to head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

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Hope all is well in your world.

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Ive been searching & searching but finally someone has the most awesome fucking grow box ive seen. A real all in one box. Thanks for the journal. Sorry bro but im totally stealing this idea & building me one just like it. Gonna attempt at it anyway.
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