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Telluride, CO--In a matter of minutes Thursday morning, the Mountain Village Town Council officially passed an ordinance prohibiting the retail sale, distribution, cultivation and dispensing of medical marijuana in the with a vote of 5-2.

"It's been ongoing for a while," said Mayor Bob Delves. "But essentially the conclusion of [council] is that we don't think having any facilities related to medical marijuana is necessary to the Town of Mountain Village. The ordinance prohibits all of the above."

Council members Cath Jett and Jonathan Greenspan voted no, remaining consistent in their beliefs that allowing facilities in the town would boost local business. In Colorado, the industry generated $2.2 million in local sales taxes in 2010.

More than a year and a half ago, Mountain Village placed a temporary moratorium on issuing business licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries in conjunction with a statewide moratorium on new dispensaries.

Conflicted at first, the town wanted to see what regulations the state adopted for licensing towns and counties before moving forward with its own policy. Both moratoriums expire this summer.

The Department of Revenue's Marijuana Division approved extensive new rules in March, and they take effect on July 1. It was time for Mountain Village to make its final decision.

Mountain Village Town Attorney James Nerlin drafted and proposed the ordinance in May after his legal team outlined the town's options to the council at a meeting on April 21. Thursday marked the second reading and public hearing of the ordinance.

Section three lays down the law, stating that "It is unlawful for any person to operate a medical marijuana business, including a medical marijuana center, an optional premises cultivation operation, or medical marijuana infused manufacturers' operations in the Town of Mountain Village."

Before voting, the council heard no public comment and made no amendments to the ordinance.

"It's not a statement pro or con medical marijuana at all, but just the fact that there is plenty of availability right next door in the Town of Telluride," said Delves. "I think it's that simple."

Telluride has five dispensaries, and San Miguel County offers a few more options for patients with medical marijuana cards.

Delves reiterated how he wanted to maintain the atmosphere of Mountain Village.

"I can only speak for myself about why I supported the ordinance," said Delves. "I just think that the distribution of medical marijuana in Mountain Village is inconsistent with the character of Mountain Village."

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