MVortex's Perpetual Thread For A 4x4 Tent & RDWC


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
While I'm thinking of it, I had a little taster of the Strawberry Lemonade. Very, very nice. Starts off hitting you behind the eyes, then develops into a nice heady buzz, finally creeping into a mild but quite relaxing body high.


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Sounds like I would enjoy it.

I think so. Just had some of it, and I'm really digging it. Exactly what I was hoping for from the strain when I put the strains for that run together. A good evening/social/chill buzz, good for headaches, minor aches/pains. It's rated for 20%+ THC, and yep, it is. Same goes for the Durban. It's advertised as 24%, and it's every bit of that.


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Flowering: Day 18 (from flip)

Things are happening with the girls, just nothing overly interesting at this point.

Durban Poison is throwing little flowers, Strawberry Lemonade #2 (right) is doing the same. SL1 (left) is starting to. Blue Dream isn't quite there yet. SL1 is also partially shorter than the rest of the canopy, but not by a whole lot.

I took a handful of fans off of BD, DP, and SL2 last night (about a shoe box worth) to try and give their stretch a hiccup. They're all pretty evened out, so maybe that will give SL1 just enough of a hiccup to catch up a bit. It's not a huge difference, but 3" is still 3". In a few places on the very outer edges it might be 4"-5". I also bumped the light intensity up a bit more. I had it at 80% for the stretch, so they wouldn't burn as they get closer. Even as I raise the light, I'd hate to burn them up if they grew extra fast one night/day, and it seems to work. So I raised the the light about 4", and cranked the intensity to 93%. Once the stretch is over next week sometime (guessing, but should be) then I will get the light set at 22" and pop it to 95%.

Why not 100%?

To be flat out honest, this light at even 95% will be more than plenty (850-900) for most of flower. I'll drop the height to about 12" and the intensity to 80% for the last couple of weeks and end up with PPFD in the mid-upper 900's. Although I may go for 16" and more like 88%, depending on how the very edges look by then, even though with a 12" height, the coverage is still edge to edge with a pretty even (within 100ish) PPFD.



Taken from the back. So DP bot left, BD bot right, SL2 top left, SL1 top right. If you look close enough to the second pic, you can see about 15% in the back right corner where part of SL1 is a little lower. Light coverage is good enough that it won't be an issue, and once the stretch is over I'm going to take a good amount of fans to get things opened up.

Now a couple DP shots:



Yes, I forgot to filter the first image. :laugh:

As you can see, she's already frosting up, and she's still stretching too! :D

Water params have been tolerable. EC is slightly dropping, pH is slowly rising. Water temps are OK, but not perfect. They're varying over the course of the day from about 70F at lights on, up to 75F (on occasion 77F) later in the daylight cycle.

The "chart" tells me that this is good, and bump the EC a bit. The last feed was at 6g/gal, and I'm skeptical/nervous about increasing it much considering the issue with the change before last. The leaves look pretty good, although in a few places there might be a very slight trend towards a very slightly lighter green. Nothing to really catch my attention much. That being the case, the drop in PPM could be from the top-off res since the mix in there is more like 2g-3g/gal, which could potentially be influencing the EC/PPM to drop slightly. The drop has been maybe 20-30 PPM, which is negligible really.

I may try a bump to 6.1g/gal, but honestly the more I type about it has triggered me to recall that the first couple days they drank the res down a bit before the top-off kicked in (I need to re-adjust the float) and the EC was static. It wasn't until the top-off started keeping up and its water level was dropping that I noticed the EC lowering.

(I'm saying EC, as that's what's on the chart. The Blue Lab is set to PPM [700 scale] just cuz. lol)

Anyway, the bump to 6.1 may not be terrible anyway, if the EC/PPM is steady, that's fine. If they weren't eating the EC would be rising. I may bump the top-off up a hair, but at this time doesn't really seem necessary. Maybe 3g/gal is fine on that. (50% of main mix.)
Going to be mighty fine buds


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Day 108 - Flower Day 47 - Day 54 from Flip (Week 7, Day 5 of Flower)

Went ahead and completed the weekly water change tonight. Dropped the EC from 1.85 to 1.57 (1300ppm to 1100ppm on the 700 scale.)

The pH ended up at 6.3, and I bumped it with just a tick of UP and it settled in at 6.5 after an hour of mixing.

This res' recipe was 5g/gal of Mega Crop, 2ml/gal of calmag (remember, it's no nitrogen stuff), and for good measure on the pH department I took a gamble with 1ml/gal of ProTekt.

The silica did what I thought it would, and instead of 5.6, the pH was initially 6.3 after mixing up. Then the bump, and here we are.

Photo Dummmmmmmmpppppppp!!!!!!!










They're starting to close in on the end, and beginning to look a bit beat up. The Durban Poison and both Strawberry Lemonade are both prevalent with darkened pistils. The Blue Dream is just starting to turn. From the looks of things, I'm guessing the DP will be the first on the chopping block, with the SL's right behind her.

The Blue Dream is going to be bringing up the rear, but that's alright.

I haven't mentioned it in this thread, but I went ahead and picked up a Tom's Tumbler (TTT 1600, the baby model :19:) that will arrive here Monday. I'm looking forward to that. Going to save a lot of time, and that's becoming quite a precious commodity around these parts lately.
Beautiful specimens!


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Flower: Day 77 (84 days from flip)



Both the Strawberry Lemonades and the Durban Poison met the hatchet man today, and the bounty filled the 4x2 I'm using for drying.

I have it set up with 3 "levels" that are 20" apart, and there are 4 rows per level. It looks awful touchy, but the buds aren't touching. No wet trimming this go, so it was chop and hang, chop and hang. Tried to keep each branch similar in size in hopes of keeping the drying somewhat even (yeah, ok... :rolleyes:) and finishing up in the same time. I'm guessing a couple will be a hair more dry than others that are good to go.

Give it a week or two and the tumbler should finally see some action.

I was in a hurry closing up, and didn't get a pic of the wreckage of the tent. With 3/4 of the scrog net gone, that left the Blue Dream to flop herself open a good bit. Got her as situated as possible with some yoyo's and such, then lowered the light so most of her was 18" or less from the light. She had a good bit of the green larf in her center core, so maybe something good comes from that getting some more light. I may go ahead and chop her tops when they're done in a couple weeks, and let some of the under growth go a little longer. Not real sure yet, but we'll see how it goes and play it by ear. With the inner larf getting more light now, as well as UVB exposure, they may come around. I guess the worst thing that could happen is getting some more frost on them for making some good oil. :)

I'm guessing the Blue Dream is going to go another couple weeks. Her pistils just started to turn this week on the tops, so I'll keep an eye on her.

Thanks to some sales going on, I was able to pick up some of the next run (which will be in the fall) for the rig. So far I have 3 of 5 strains ordered, and hoping I can find a deal for the other 2 strains.

What's going to run?

From In House Genetics:
- Slurricane
- Deluxe Sugar Cane
- Platinum Jelly

From Barney's Farm:
- Morning Glory
- Mimosa EVO

I've purchased the IHG stuff, so that's a start. Will be hitting somewhere for the Barney's at some point. If I can find a 4/20 deal, cool. If not, there's still plenty of time.

With the IHG stuff being a lean to the indica side, I wanted to try and balance that with some more sativa lean. Having had good results from Barney's, that was a pretty easy choice. From there is was narrowing down what I was after, and these two checked the boxes.
Great yield mate!


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Thanks Kush. It’s been a nice run. Not without issue, but the end result is going to be a couple pounds of sweet, sticky weed. :ganjamon:

At about 30oz for 3 plants so far, and one still drying.

It’s nice when you find a strain that works for you.

Yes it is. That one did the trick last night for sure.


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Hey vortex so you said you're in the maintenance period? so no planting seeds? just getting prepared?


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Hey vortex so you said you're in the maintenance period? so no planting seeds? just getting prepared?

In my RDWC setup, yes. I'm not going to run it over the summer as I'm being cheap and don't want to spring for a chiller (or pay to run it), and this tent on its own running is about what the AC pulls when it's on. So I'm going to shut the system down and take the time to tweak it a bit for a better run on the next one this fall. Whatever tweaks and mods I do will be documented here. :)

However, I do still have my other 2 tents going.

1) I have an auto run in recirculating dutch buckets in my "Lab" setup. This is a 4x4 with 4 plants.

2) In my "Dev Lab" I'm finishing up a Granddaddy Purple that on for a chop this weekend, which then I'll turn the site around and run another solo something. (Going to be something from IHG, just not sure which one yet.) This is a 4x3 tent that has a main 3x3 space, then a 1x3 space for other things (where I'll keep some moms, sprout seeds, etc.) This plant is in the 3x3 part, and it's currently set up for a single recirculating dutch bucket. Whichever I run next will use the same dutch bucket setup (after I clean it up, of course.)

A lot of the other things I'm tinkering with, or other changes I make to my overall grow area are usually mentioned in the Lab thread. (Green lighting for the space, exhaust tweaks to the space, automated curing buckets (which are fantastic, just sayin), and other things like that.


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Blue Dream: a race for the cure...

OK, maybe not a race, but she's been bucked down, tumbled lightly (not quite dry enough), and now into her bucket to cure some more.

Here was one of 3 similar piles of sticks to cut up:


They're sitting on a 20" saucer for reference.

I'm finding out that I may need to cure before a final trim. In a properly dried stage, ready to cure, not quite all the leaves are full on crispy. To get them there, I'm afraid it would take below a 50% reading on the HG and thus blow out the cure zone.

Not a big deal, but something I'm tinkering with.

What I wonder though, is how would the process be effected if I were to keep the drying zone at say, 56%-60% humidity and let them cure for a while as they hang? Then once they've been hanging in that for say, 3 weeks, check the leaves and see how much lower it would need to go to crisp up any stragglers.

Curing RH is curing RH, and well, seems like a fun little trial to undertake.

If it has to get below the cure zone, then a rehydration would work to get it back up. (But obviously the cure would/could be done at that point.)

Some things to mull over, but nothing drastic.

Still need to hit up Growers Choice about the light, and then look up some other parts to start getting the upgrade work moving forward. The fall run of IHG/Barney's will be here before we know it.


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Good news everyone! 3 out of 4 strains for the fall run have arrived!

Slurricane and Platinum Jelly (IHG), and Mimosa EVO (Barney's) are now on hand. Still waiting for the Morning Glory, which is en route and should be here tomorrow or the next day. Which also will bring us Blue Cheese and Liberty Haze from Barney's as well. No plans for those two, yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. The 3x3 is out for the short term as there is a new baby getting ready to take her on, and then potentially a ROMelon from Romulan Genetics may be the next single lady to run in the Dev Lab.

But who knows. Something's going to happen for sure! Maybe the 2nd winter run of the RDWC will be a go, if I can get it rolling soon enough on the fall run. With the AC running, the res on the Dev Lab is running between 70F and 72F, so we'll see how it goes. I may be able to start vegging in there earlier than I was planning, less heat from the lights, so less impact on the water temps, so maybe it won't be too terrible. I'll continue to monitor the situation, and see how things are in a couple months. If I can start veg by early to mid august, we may be in business. :3:


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Hey bro I see ur top off stand and tbh that would scare me lol...It doesn't need to be that high up well unless u want it ....I made a stand for mine and it's a lot safer anyways and not so top heavy anyways just a thought it would be easy to change here's a pic of mine anyways...
Also you do not have to put tape over the corner lid finger holes ....I actually use mine for cloning as there's 2 finger holes per lid so I use 2 clones per bucket well I did since I sold my rdwc....But it worked great and didn't need a cloner or anything just cut it and put it inside the lid and goes thru the finger hole....
Not sure if you have leader lines for your air lines but I would suggest them can do a 1/4 elbow outside the bucket and then when u the airline gets hard and brittle just replace 12in of it not feet....if u don't want to use a 1/4in uniseal to cut into the bucket u can get a 1/4in push in union is what they call them although it's pretty much a r/o push in fitting that's a bulkhead u could use those for each of your airlines if u want....

Also if you don't like hydroton pick up some growstones gs-1 sum1 has a pallet on Amazon for $34 shipped 1.5cuft ...I would highly suggest u get a few bags as after this pallet is sold it'd most likely the last one that's for sale forever as the company went out of business and they no longer exist so if you want a quality media then pick up some gs-1 before they are all gone and for life...i got me stocked up and ready to grow..
As I personally hate using hydroton not only does it get everywhere as I don't have any and I'm still finding hydroton balls...
They are a lot heavier than gs-1
Harder to clean and sterilize than gs-1
Hydroton destroys your net pots it will warp and break and crack them...
Gs-1 roots are like spaghetti noodles and finer as they fill out the buckets alot more and w the fine roots they don't warp and break your $4 netpots....
And they are alot safer for the environment too on top of it ....
So check em out if they seem interesting I do not work for them or anything like that I am just a fan of quality products is all.......Hope it helps and u can enjoy them as much as I do


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Hey bro I see ur top off stand and tbh that would scare me lol...It doesn't need to be that high up well unless u want it ....I made a stand for mine and it's a lot safer anyways and not so top heavy anyways just a thought it would be easy to change here's a pic of mine anyways...

Nah, it's good. It's 1" pvc, and it ain't goin nowhere. ;)

Height is good too. Just right to feed into the float valve at the top of the res.

Also you do not have to put tape over the corner lid finger holes ....I actually use mine for cloning as there's 2 finger holes per lid so I use 2 clones per bucket well I did since I sold my rdwc....But it worked great and didn't need a cloner or anything just cut it and put it inside the lid and goes thru the finger hole....

I'll be damned if I give up taping over those holes. Hellllll naw. :19:

No way I'm letting little spot lights beat down into my buckets. Nope. No way. Ain't happening. It may be fine 99/100 grows, but I'll take no chances on light leaks and the goopies (again.)

I do love them lids though. Tough as nails.

Not sure if you have leader lines for your air lines but I would suggest them can do a 1/4 elbow outside the bucket and then when u the airline gets hard and brittle just replace 12in of it not feet.

I do.


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I know 1in PVC is good that'd plenty I mean I have 1/2in for my 13gal res I'm just saying how it is built just doesn't look too sturdy and very top heavy is all ..I made my 1st one like that and then I built the current one I have and not so high center of gravity mine is only about 1in taller than the top of my control bucket and it does wonderful as is.....If your comfortable with it that's all that really matters at the end of the day ...It just would scare the shit out of me it tipping over on accident...Which is why I changed mine to the way I did as it's very sturdy...Ya I didn't bother w the finger holes never had a problem plus I like being able to use the corner lids easily too... But to each their own what works best for you is all that matters at the end of the day anyways just thought id share what I personally like to do no right or wrong way that's for sure.....
Ya my current culture rdwc days are over well for many many years anyways moving on to better things like the bucket company in which I sold my rdwc and made 200 and got my entire new setup well it will be here in a few days and the rest will be about a week for my bloom tent which is fine w me .....Def a game changer and can still do hydro


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Sweet! New rigs are always fun!

I’ve been running recirculating dutch buckets in my other two tents and love em. I was originally thinking I’d try auto pots after the dutch buckets, but I think I’ll stick with that setup for awhile. It’s dead easy, lot of benefits of rdwc, but less headaches too. Kind of a sweet spot between rdwc and coco for me.


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Thats exactly why I went to the bucket company u should check them out if you haven't already..As u can do just about every type of growing w them as u can think of for the most part and still have all the benefits of rdwc but minus the potential issues..As if I ever had a leak I would of had a waiting pool in my basement esp with 150gal so I'm good plus no more air pumps I'll save time in veg by half just about now and still will be able to go a week without touching it if need be and all it cost me was my time to build it as I sold my rdwc actually made 200 by switching and a hell of a lot more efficient too no complaints that'd for sure and it's not even here yet lol next week I'll start my grow journal for it


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2020
Glad it's working out for ya!

My rigs are working really well now. Shut down the rdwc for the next couple of months though. I really don’t want to buy (or pay to run) a chiller, and what that tent alone sucks up overall on full blast is about what my AC pulls. So effectively it evens out. :)


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Well I don't have it yet it will get here Tues or Wed ..But def happy no longer running rdwc now don't get me wrong I loved It but it has its place and I figure I might as well change the system before something major happens as I just got lucky for 2 years ..I didn't have any problems with it just switched mainly to not have to have 40gal in veg and 150gal in bloom esp I spend about a week in the hospital per month so if something would happen when I'm there I would be fucked and so would my crop and house..So better safe than sorry and I made 200 after all said n done and I'm buying everything new as in pumps as I'm going for efficiency so d/c water pumps is a must have and will work out perfectly w the speed controller too as like my veg tent is a 4.5x4.5 will have x8 plants in it normally but will also have it set up to do 16 for a quick pheno hunt setup and will be able to swap out in mins w pvc too and a 2nd shelf cabinet is going to be dopetastic....
So ya I was happy as shit when I figured out not having to use a power whore of a chiller as my 1/4hp does 440w and 4.6AMPS!!!! Like fuck that....Esp when I was able to replace it for $20 and a whopping 6watts total....
So my control res was outside the tent which was in my basement and was at 68-71 I got 2 Ac infinity pc fans USB did 3w ea and 54cfm ea so 108cfm I was able to keep my entire bloom setup cool and chiller free....And I had 1600watts true power too in my 8x4 tent and temps didn't get about ambient temp and it was 78-80 in the tent itself too....
So if u need to chill ur system and if ur in a tent with ur control bucket outside the tent no need for a chiller ...If u have 2 fans cut 4 holes 2 on the opposite side for the exhaust and there u go... Also running your lights ex..6pm-6am will be best too ...If u do use the pc fans let it run 24hr and c how it does from then on but it did wonders for my setup and I was able to remove my chiller
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