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My 1st Attempt in DWC


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Hi there magazine viewers.
With many days of reading up on this site and watching many videos I decided to try a DWC setup in my room in a small closet space that I have

With little knowledge about the whole scene I wanted to move away from a soil grow and decided to go with tow OXYPOTS

my set up is

2 x Plant!t Aeros - DWC (Deep Water Culture) 15 litres
300 watt cfl veg light
300 watt cfl flowering light

cana aqua A+B
ph up
ph down

2 seeds
Female White Widow x Big Bud - Feminised
Hero Zombie Rasta - Feminised

cheap ph pen
cheap EC type pen measuring in

This has been a learning curve and I will try a keep everyone up to date once a week with an update.

After germinating the seeds in wet tissue and putting them in 1" rockwool and set up and oxypots and starting watering them from the top twice a day for 1 week

now to try and get photos uploaded


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These were taken 10 days into veg

David Bowman

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