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My 1st AutoFem or My Super Cheapie Freebie Beanie PC Grow


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Hello e'rbody!

What strain is it?
La Diva

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
Unsure, site says it a cross of Il Diavolovolaolo and a DJ Short Blueberry

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
It has just popped.

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?

If soil... what is in your mix?
60% soil 40% perlite had soil compaction in past hoping this is cure

If soil... What size pot?
Tiny as it is a guerrilla stealth super ninja hidden itty bitty grow

Size of light?
Super cheap 10w and 20w COB LED (no name eBay)

Is it aircooled?
They have heat sinks and I'm blowing a pc fan at the big 1

Temp of Room/cab?
Room is effing freezing (thanks to wife) pc cabinet is around 72 with LED's running

RH of Room/cab?
RH adjusted for flowering my 1st bagseed plant at 40-50% will be addressed

PH of media or res?
Been fighting this one. PH meter says it is 7+ closing in on 8 I've tried lowering with vinegar (remember- super cheap ass grow here)

Any Pests ?
Retired Father in-law policeman!

How often are you watering?
Less this time as I probably over did it the 1st time around

Type and strength of ferts used?
I have inherited a bottle of Tiger Bloom and I have at my disposal a box of MG blooming plant food. Anyone with cheap knowledge please advise!

This is my 1.75 ever grow. I grew 2 plants way back that never flowered and I have an experimental bagseed super runt plant in flower currently.
I couldn't help myself when my beans arrived and went ahead and germed one of the freebies. Since these hardly add up to a whole grow I'm pretty new to it and any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated and gladly accepted.
I am doing this to try and replace some of the super serious no fun side effect ridden scary ass pain meds I take. It would truly be worth a larger investment if I am successful and the sweet leaf is effective enough to get me through the pain.
Welcome to all and please if I have left out some need to know info or if anyone cares to comment on my plans for this girl please feel free. I need to research ways to keep her smallish as this is a pc grow, I do not have tons of room. I guess container size and maybe some defoliation might do it but I will dig around and see what others have done.
I will try to put a link in my signature to my other journal to see what I did to that poor plant, lol. She's still flowering, slowly but surely...

Waiting to break the surface:

The future home:


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Was thinking of putting my first grow bagseed girl to seed using the colloidal silver technique. If I am correct the process is to isolate a lower branch, hit it with CS once or twice a day for some # of days to make it herm. Collect pollen from the resulting nanners and pollinate the little flowers. Of course I will nail down the specifics but can anyone tell me they have had success doing this? I am curious how many seeds I would get from a super small plant? AND...AND If I did this to an Autofem.... would I get Autofem seeds 100% back out of her? Anyone with some knowledge to drop is welcomed to chime in probably quicker than my search results, I would consider seeding La Diva if this was in fact the case. Unless anyone has a small amount of quality pollen of an Auto sitting around. Hmmm, anyone ever tried to stock and sell quality Auto pollen?


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Anyone have any advice on keeping an Autofem plant small but still having a decent yield? She's will be in a pc cabinet with another plant at that unless I can think of something else. What other stealth options are out there? Hmmm, no real room for a piece of furniture. Anyone... ?


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Howdy high!

So firstly there are two kind of plants. Photoperiod and auto. Auto plants will grow from seed an finish flowering in X amount of days, usually 60-100days. Photoperiod plants have to be put into 12/12 light dark to flower.

You said this was an auto fem so you can't worry too much about space and time. Set the timer to 16h on 8 hours off come back and water from time to time. two months and you will be a happy camper!

NOW your other question. 1- don't breed using bag seed.
2- if you take pollen from one plant and give it to another you get a mixed genetic seeds. Just like human sex, pea pod sex, and whale sex. You have two parents, you get two sets of genetics, you have 50% change of getting each separate piece of DNA
3- Colloidial silver functions in reversing the sex of the plant "completely" and not by stressing it to reveal hermaphroditic qualities.

Good luck, might need a bigger box soon.


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Hey thanks. I am familiar with the theory of indicia, sativa x ruderalis. I think I am going to go more like 18/6 or 20/4 even. I have read that people have gone 24hrs straight through the whole lifespan of an auto. I do believe in a rest period though just not a really long one (unless that would maybe help me control size but I don't want the quality to suffer, hmmm MORE RESEARCH NEEDED)
I thought I read that one could hermie just a section of a plant using CS and use that to pollinate the other remaining female section of the same plant thereby creating seeds from one parent that are 100% Auto and 100% female? I will have to do some more research... anyone else have an idea?


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Wow, just came across a super duper informative thread at another forum. Jist of it was to bubble your ph'd water for 24hrs and use a superlight soil mix, it becomes almost a hydro-soil hybrid. It was talking about huuuuge yields in tiny ass pots. Hmmm.


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OK, I know this is supposed to be a cheapie grow but after reading a certain post which made gobs of sense I bought some stuff. Mostly a compost soil mixture, which included a few other ingredients. Also a small fish air pump and airstone to oxygenate the water oh and a better ph kit and some good ph down stuff to finally get a grip on the ph situ. I will be beginning the superwater (I ordered 4oz of FF Grow big nuts as well) this week. Then I will move her to her new home in the superferrari soil after this week. After that its all downhill and I'll have to guesstimate when to pop another autofem seed to keep a steady harvest.


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Holy shmoly. 7 days in and I went to transplant her figuring she was close to hitting bottom of the small pot I had her in. Umm, ya there was better than a foot of root system, holy shiite man! There was only an inch and a half above ground and wow I felt bad I well firstly didnt do this sooner and second I couldnt get the whole root, some of it got pinched off as I had no idea it was that long. I hope I didn't kill her by doing this. I did get her moved to what I think will be her permanent home but at what cost? Guess we'll find out in the next few days. I am using PD's super soil his oxygenated water and FF nutes. Thus begins week 2.


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Back to my La Diva... we are on day 20.

Of course the characteristics of this grow is going to be much different from the photo I grew from bagseed, I know this. BUUUUT, this thing is very strange. It grew its 1st true leaves and there was no to none node distance. I moved the light up (thanks Oldster) and went away for 2 days only and BOOM, this is what I have, daaaamn. Also it took a complete stoppage in growth and me topping my photo before any secondary growth occured. Now it seems to be happening concurrently with normal main stalk growth. I am oacing myself on both the watering and the nutes to try and have the healthiest plant I can in the small space that I have. I have not condemned her to the pc yet as the powers that be are showing zero interest in the various new gardening projects I have started all around the house. I have in the last month started sage, rosemary, basil, spearmint, a flower that rests in water (forgot the name of the bulb) some cali poppies and a safflower, on top of my little LD auto here. When it becomes just all too obvious she will have to go in the pc.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals per OP's request.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.

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