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My 1st Grow - 2x Violator Kush - 2x Phatt Fruity - 2x Cheese Candy


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Lighting 600w MH - veg 5 weeks.600w HPS - flower - photoperiod

Nutrients - Biobizz range, then ripen at last 2 weeks

Soil - Biobizz allmix with 25% added perlite and 1tspn azomyte per 50 litres

Pots - airpots rigid honeycomb design ones.

Seedbank - Barney's farm.

Cheese Candy - Delicious seeds freebies

Sticking to my Biobizz feeding chart to start with, then a little tweek here and a little tweek there 12 - 13 wks later 16 oz of lovely sticky fruitiness, great strains all took to being topped really well, next grow I'm really wanting to give mainlining from nugbuckets a try looks absolutely fantastic find the thread on ------------.com
I really should have taken photos, but I did not realise I would be publishing this to you, In weeks 3 through 5 in flower they were all flushed and allowed to dry out to about 10% of their actual weight, I do this 3 times through flowering to allow plenty oxygen to penetrate my roots, it really seems to give them a good kick up the back-side, Vroom vroom sexy ladies.

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