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my 1st grow

green b me

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ok so this is my 1st atempt at becomeing greenthumb. I decided to go with a basement grow. i've got 2 1000 watt hps in a 12 x 12 flower area hooked to a green air CT-DH-3 to controll humidity & temp, along with a green air CST-1P to cycle a co2 emiter. my exaust is a duel 295cfm hydrofarm active air blower that will be filtering through a carbon phat filter. intake is a 465cfm active air also by hydrofarm. i'm just running 4 4ft cool white flourcents for veg & seedlings rite now. i've decided to grow organic in foxfarm soil 5gal buckets. i'm not quite all the way up and running yet. i have 9 clones 3 weeks old & just sprouted 6 seedlings. i will post again shortly with some pics. thanks & grow on !!!
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