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My 3 week old smells of dank! Possible?


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I've been wondering the same thing.
I have a 4 week old outdoors and when i get 5 inches away i can smell strong sweet skunk aroma.


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Could be! some of my clones are reaking at a young age, when I smell them up close.. I remember all of my plants smelling pretty wild, young. Sometimes I can even smell it when I just walk in the room, not just up close. But yeah, I think plants gain a nice unique marijuana scent at a young age, then when they get ready for harvest it goes from a scent to a very, very strong smell. ha :)

but hey fellas good luck with your plants.


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I remeber the 1st time i grew it was about a month into veg with 4 plants and they stank up the entire house. You could smell them the moment you walked in the front door. I got a carbon filter and hadn't had any problems since with the smell


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Plants dont tend to smell untill they get a little farther into veg. At about week 3-5 my plants smell of dank ass nugs and the smell is pungent and pleasing to the nose :3:. Get yourself a carbon filter and your problem will be solved. DONT use air fresheners as they could harm the plant since they contain dangerous chemicals. If you dont think your grow is big or serious enough for a carbon filter then deal with the problem. I love the smell of marijuana, i thought everyone did :hmmmm:.


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I LOVE THE SMELL. Now don't get me wrong this thing smells but it def ain't stinkin up my house or anything for that matter, yet. As far as security goes, no need for a filter b/c where I am at it really isn't a problem if it smells.

LOL Janja, scared me for a sec there =)
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