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My 5th Grow SLH & Gold Leaf


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Update Time: Twp and a half weeks since I put SLH 2.1 into Hempy Bucket with a Root Riot. I appears 2.1 has hit the reservoir at least a week ago and has been exploding with growth.

Here is a before picture from a week ago on the 1st of Jan.
and here is growth as of yesterday morning.

To take advantage of the growth spurt I have also been using a technique called Ponytailing. Here is a picture from earlier last week and again yesterday.
There has been some substantial growth underneath with the initial nodes which is the purpose.

Over in the SLH 2.2 bucket things have improved a little. I cut the ugly mutated leaves three days ago, then topped the node knuckle which really appeared to be holding things back and it has begun to recover.
The second picture still has the node knuckle so I will include another picture later.

Overall I'm pleased with 2.1, and the action I'm seeing. 2.2 looks like I might get something out of it yet and I'm going to drop another SLH seed this morning and see if it will germinate and gets started nicely. I really wanted two healthy SLH in this grow.


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Tuesday Morning Business

First a picture of SLH 2.1 to show what happens overnight.
One set of leaves already out over the bucket edge.

Business at hand after discussing with @FelipeBlu last night. The call is to FIM before the nodes go to asymmetrical. This plant is currently still making the 5th & 6th nodes symmetrical so it is time to FIM!
regrets on the fuzzy nature of the second picture.
Finally, another picture of the Ponytail effort.


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About a month since I dropped the seeds and progress for 2.1 is awesome. The FIM'ing might not have been exactly perfect. It appears I may have missed making a proper FIM cut. Node spacing and lack of experience are to blame. Not exactly in that order. So I need to Top now. It's still producing symmetrical nodes and seems so happy.
Tagging along behind but showing promise is 2.2
Started at the same time but had issues early on.
By the By, this might actually be Gold Leaf and not SLH. There was some early confusion that appears to be sorting itself out.


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It seems that it isn’t as easy with a plant that’s growing tight internodes. You don’t want to make the cut too low or you will take out/f up the growing tips coming out of the upper node! So you end up missing the apical meristem entirely.

I think I will reserve my next FIM attempt for a strain/grow that’s showing long internodes at an early age.

Thanks for the experience fellas!



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Wow, it seems like so much has happened with my grow room in just the last week. I received a message about 4 little clone girls that needed to be adopted and given a nice home. I took it as a great compliment from @InTheShed to entrust his efforts with cloning into my hands. Anyway that is all for now, stay tuned for Journal number 6.

I needed to make room for the new babies so I moved the Gold Leafs over into the Flowering larger tent. Yes, I know I just threw a twist in the story. It turns out that the two plants I currently have growing are not SLH but indeed Gold Leaf. Let's just say I had a small issue with getting high while dropping seeds originally and dropped the opposite seeds in labeled cups.

That's OKay!!! I had been wanting to grow some more Gold Leaf and had 5 seed that didn't pop. I have plenty of Sativa in the moment so will concentrate on one strain and only two plants in the larger flowering tent.

I know everyone is waiting with baited breath, so here is their latest pictures.
From Jan 16th
From Jan 19th
Basically 2.1 the larger one on the right is about 5weeks old since going into the Hempy.
2.2 the smaller on the left had issues and so we are going to call it at 3weeks since it sorted things out.

This is going to be what I hope a very successful grow in yield. Pulling together several things from the last year of rookie growing and now I need to show I earned the privilege to call myself a grower.


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Update Picture -
4 days since last picture all is well i feel. Watered the larger 2.1 and it took a little over a full liter of water before runoff. Currently on a three day watering schedule.

2.2 is showing some awesome growth. I went back and looked at a picture from 10 days ago and the growth is very strong. It's not using the same amount of water at this time. I'm working towards letting them use most of what is in the reservoir to encourage root grow and spread.

I'm not sure what impact being moved under two lights at this point is having. The PAR level has increased some and will continue to increase as the plants grow towards the light.

Thanks for checking in. :ganjamon:


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Damn bushy! Were all the Gold Leafs that bushy?
Actually No, with good reason. Previous grows I have experimented with defoliation during the veg cycle. I haven't done any this grow so far and don't anticipate any.

Secondly I did some very minor training in the form of an initial FIM'ing above the 6th node which also included the 5th nodes growth. I did a second FIM when I figured out that I hadn't hit my FIM exactly perfect and the apical center was still growing. So I FIM'd a second time above the 8th which included the 7th node leaves. Finally since I hadn't quite got the FIM perfect I topped above the 8th node.

Mean while early on if you go back you will see I also used a pony-tailing technique at the same time and feel that caused the lower nodes to grow. The combination of the FIM'ing and the Pony-Tailing I feel really promoted lower growth outward.

One of the reasons I went with defoliation earlier was an attempt in environment control especially with humidity. I have resolved that was more of an issue with the quantity of plants and VPD issues. I'm cutting back on number of plants per grow so as to not crowd and hopefully it will result in higher yields. That is until I got some clones. As it is I may see which ones are the healthiest and cull a couple.

These are some ideas that @FelipeBlu and I have been tossing around and working with. Additionally, some of the newness has worn off and I have plenty of stock to keep me going until the next harvest and cure. Two plants at a time with better yields should offer some major benefits.

We shall see.


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Hey BT! Checking in on ya pal! Looking good looking good! You love Gold Leaf eh? So this is a blessing in disguise. Though that SLH was great :goodjob:
Couldn’t help myself I smoke that big nug you gave me and all the good memories of Super Lem came rushing back!


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Hey BT! Checking in on ya pal! Looking good looking good! You love Gold Leaf eh? So this is a blessing in disguise. Though that SLH was great :goodjob:
Couldn’t help myself I smoke that big nug you gave me and all the good memories of Super Lem came rushing back!
Thanks, I appreciate the compliment indeed. I still have about 14 SLH seeds. I traded a couple with Shed. My intent with my grows is to alternate my grows at this point. So my next grow will most likely be 2-3 more SLH's. Really glad you enjoyed the SLH. I had never really concentrated on the idea of Indica or Sativa before I started growing. Like back in the ole days we got what we got and didn't ask questions. Even if we did, we might not have gotten the real truth.

I do enjoy the Gold Leaf. It has a very high CBD content in addition to a reasonable (low 20's) THC percentage. I did notice another strain offered by ILGM called California Dreaming. Similar to Gold Leaf with a little more Indica, but with the same really high CBD count. Might go that direction next time I order from them.


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One of the things I don't like about the ILGM website is that they list CBD content as "high" without giving their tested numbers. I remember a grower here once tested a strain they had listed as "high CBD" and it came back in decimal places!

I got a smoke report on the SLH from my wife (who is shite at smoke reports btw), and she said "upbeat and chatty." That's a definite plus coming from her! I'm going to drop one in the spring for the summer season grow and I'm going to try to keep the Bedroom Cookies small until then :rolleyes:.
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