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My 5th Grow SLH & Gold Leaf


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I spent a little time with the girls today. I have pushing the limit on watering frequency and letting the Hempy get a little light.

2.2 = I did FIM one of the primary first branches above the sixth node and will wait another couple of days to do the same on the other primary branch. Both of the large thick branches are actually from the 1st node. It looks like I'm going to have to primary stalks from this plant.

2.1 - Meanwhile over on 2.1 it's just getting thicker and bushier each day. It's looks like it might be getting to the point of needing to be watered every couple of days. I'm going to try and push that out a little longer hopefully to encourage more root growth.

We are experiencing a lower than normal humidity in San Diego currently so perhaps that also explains things. Currently around 45%-53% in the larger tent. A little higher in the veg tent with the clones.


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It’s tempting to ramp up the N during veg, because the plant will really eat it up. But excessive fast new growth can outpace its ability to move “immobile” nutrients, like Ca, Mg, and many other micros. In addition, it tends to ring the dinner bell for pests.

With a photo, in particular, since you make the call when to flower, there’s really no need to push the N past about 150 ppm, for most strains.


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Update Pictures:
Pre-Flower Pistils are showing on 2.1 She is ready to flip, but needs to wait just a little longer for 2.2 to catch up and do the same.
Gold Leaf 2.2
Gold Leaf 2.1
Group Picture


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Catching Up - It appears that GL 2.2 is catching up with GL 2.1 in the color change process.
2.2 on left and 2.1 on right.
Here are a couple of close ups.

2.1 will most likely out perform 2.2 in yield for sure. Intend on letting them stay in veg cycle just another week perhaps.


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I have changed the light schedule from 24hrs to 18/6. Off time is mid afternoon to early evening at 9:30pm. Preparing for the flip I figured this would help not completely throw them into shock. Additionally the winter temperatures in San Diego are holding around the low 60's. Lights out time would also tell the plants the winter is coming.

I fed last night just before lights came back on. Today I need to move them off the raised platform and give them some additional room away from each other.

They are both looking ready for the next cycle.
GL 2.1
GL 2.2


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Okay!!!!! :thumb:It's finally the day.:bravo:We've come to the end of the veg cycle. :cheer:

Today the Gold Leaf experienced their first 12hrs of darkness. For the last week I have been giving the 6hrs of darkness to step down from the full on 24hr light schedule. :55:

2.2 on the left and 2.1 on the right.

Lots of flowering points just waiting to explode.:drool:

So this is Day 1 of the Stretch. :ganjamon:


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Looking good BT. I’m all caught up
Thanks Chief, I'm feel really comfortable with this grow.

Did you notice any preflower action when you went from 24/0 to 18/6? Like they sensed the change?
Actually, I noticed preflower pistils on 2.1 about two weeks ago. Had delayed her so 2.2 could catch us some. What I saw was the lightening of color in 2.1 and she actually seems to stop and wait for 2.2 to catch up. She has been filling out.


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Day 2 of Stretch. They have already pushed at least an inch and half on many of the grow sites. :yahoo: They were very ready for this. I'm feeling that I somewhat understand this grow.

Uncle @FelipeBlu is in town and assisted with watering the girls this evening. He gave them lots of very loving attention as he fed them. He will be here through Saturday mid-day. We are making some really awesome plans and ideas for this and future grows.

Best is we are enjoying the fruits of labor from the past years harvest and we had a taste of the most recent SLH. Much much better than the previous SLH grow.
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